Intentional Living

Over the past few months I have been making serious attempts at intentional living. That sounds super broad and I guess it kinda is. We live in a small 2 bedroom condo and entertain often plus operate my little etsy shop out of our home as well. After years of shoving stuff into closets to make room for house guests I finally am getting around to purging and living with items that are meaningful and necessary.

This takes a long time to adapt to! No joke. Honestly, we aren't excessive or live in this crazy hoarder home that will take months of cleaning. We are tidy people. But, I wanted to adjust the way we live and operate. It's working for us so far (with some fails along the way mind you).

 photo cb2bf41e-905e-4163-ab3b-3558af1200f1_zpsqsoxzail.jpg

Having this mindset about the items, furniture, decor in our home is about as far as I initially envisioned this intentional living thing. But it kinda hasn't stopped there -- it's invading everything from meals to clothing to {gasp} friendships! We want to be intentional with the friends we have and invest in what is important to us. We aren't purging friends--don't be alarmed. But, we are making moves to value those friendships better. Always room for improvement, right? And meal planning--oy, that's my biggest struggle. Meal planning goes right out the window when I shop at Trader Joe's--everything looks delicious there and I feel the need to buy it all....!

 photo b4e9131b-8472-4394-b078-d6de7269ed5a_zps33rkksfc.jpg

I mean let's be real, we won't get it right everytime. We live in a world that is constantly debuting the latest and greatest and things we must have to live. I give in all too easily. It might be a little more obvious decisions for others but for me--I gotta preach the gospel to myself daily.

Anyone else have feelings on this lifestyle change? Any tips--do share!

pouf: Target / Nate Berkus
candle: We Took To The Woods
chair: Ikea
accent table: Target / Nate Berkus
rug: Schoolhouse Electric / sold out

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