Intentional Living

Over the past few months I have been making serious attempts at intentional living. That sounds super broad and I guess it kinda is. We live in a small 2 bedroom condo and entertain often plus operate my little etsy shop out of our home as well. After years of shoving stuff into closets to make room for house guests I finally am getting around to purging and living with items that are meaningful and necessary.

This takes a long time to adapt to! No joke. Honestly, we aren't excessive or live in this crazy hoarder home that will take months of cleaning. We are tidy people. But, I wanted to adjust the way we live and operate. It's working for us so far (with some fails along the way mind you).

 photo cb2bf41e-905e-4163-ab3b-3558af1200f1_zpsqsoxzail.jpg

Having this mindset about the items, furniture, decor in our home is about as far as I initially envisioned this intentional living thing. But it kinda hasn't stopped there -- it's invading everything from meals to clothing to {gasp} friendships! We want to be intentional with the friends we have and invest in what is important to us. We aren't purging friends--don't be alarmed. But, we are making moves to value those friendships better. Always room for improvement, right? And meal planning--oy, that's my biggest struggle. Meal planning goes right out the window when I shop at Trader Joe's--everything looks delicious there and I feel the need to buy it all....!

 photo b4e9131b-8472-4394-b078-d6de7269ed5a_zps33rkksfc.jpg

I mean let's be real, we won't get it right everytime. We live in a world that is constantly debuting the latest and greatest and things we must have to live. I give in all too easily. It might be a little more obvious decisions for others but for me--I gotta preach the gospel to myself daily.

Anyone else have feelings on this lifestyle change? Any tips--do share!

pouf: Target / Nate Berkus
candle: We Took To The Woods
chair: Ikea
accent table: Target / Nate Berkus
rug: Schoolhouse Electric / sold out

West Elm Local + Perch Shop

 photo 02e7c5c1-d980-40cd-b24d-5d08344d630e_zpsr8sqzvrv.jpg

I'm so excited to share the news! You'll be able to find Perch Shop knots and keychains at the west elm store opening in Virginia Beach, VA. The west elm local initiative is just plain cool. I love that attention is being drawn to local makers in partnership with main stream stores.

Maybe because I'm a small business owner/maker but I truly do see this movement of buyers being drawn to quality hand made goods. It's so inspiring and fuels my creativity. I love learning about other makers and supporting local makers is even more thrilling!

I hope you stop by and check out the new west elm store located in Towne Center, Virginia Beach. Opening soon so stay tuned for dates. And if you spot a keychain or knot you love, I won't be mad if you buy one {wink, wink}!

 photo e9459063-982c-4cf2-8d92-a172e02f6ca7_zpsf7tkoevw.jpg