shop talk

With a new year on the horizon, my little etsy shop is going to have a few new additions. I'm oh-so-excited about these knot accessories for your home. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing photos of these my knots used in unique ways. A few sweet friends of mine allowed me to snap some photos of these knots in action so you can see exactly what I'm talkin' about. Stay tuned!

 photo 61acab06-1b76-4919-a28a-098982734743_zpsd6d0c842.jpg
 photo 25675aa8-db95-42e9-8264-d5014c11e777_zps073a5050.jpg

You'll now see curtain tiebacks, light pull cords, and then a nice insta-collection of knots. I love how people are using a mix of knots displayed in bowls and vases--looks so lovely. I just couldn't put the gold feature away after the holiday's so that is sticking around full time plus an addition of bronze to the keychain collection. Rope is such a great medium for all sorts of home styles. It's not just for the beach lover anymore--and I'm okay with that!

 photo c3d5ead6-ce71-4f08-99ee-8c5acc44d9b8_zps2124c304.jpg
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Thanks for letting me share some fun Perch Shop news with you!
Happy Day, my friends.
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Viva La Local / recap

The Viva La Local event at La Diff in Richmond, VA this past Saturday was such an awesome experience. This was my first artisan event as a vendor and I'm so glad I took a huge leap of faith and just went for it. I learned so much about selling as a vendor versus selling online. So many little details and visual displays needed to really make your items marketable. Can you tell my mind has been racing with ideas and ways to improve my little etsy shop!?

 photo vlldisplay_zps0f75d5da.jpg

The event team made sure to cover all the bases and really put on a fantastic event. We were set up in a furniture store which sounds odd but it really fit beautifully. Lots of people stopped by and the energy was great. 2014 for Perch Shop is starting off with a bang!

My parents happened to be in town from Florida, so they were able to be there in the afternoon--an extra special treat.

I'll be back this week finally telling all the land about Perch's new products! Stay tuned.....