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With a new year on the horizon, my little etsy shop is going to have a few new additions. I'm oh-so-excited about these knot accessories for your home. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing photos of these my knots used in unique ways. A few sweet friends of mine allowed me to snap some photos of these knots in action so you can see exactly what I'm talkin' about. Stay tuned!

 photo 61acab06-1b76-4919-a28a-098982734743_zpsd6d0c842.jpg
 photo 25675aa8-db95-42e9-8264-d5014c11e777_zps073a5050.jpg

You'll now see curtain tiebacks, light pull cords, and then a nice insta-collection of knots. I love how people are using a mix of knots displayed in bowls and vases--looks so lovely. I just couldn't put the gold feature away after the holiday's so that is sticking around full time plus an addition of bronze to the keychain collection. Rope is such a great medium for all sorts of home styles. It's not just for the beach lover anymore--and I'm okay with that!

 photo c3d5ead6-ce71-4f08-99ee-8c5acc44d9b8_zps2124c304.jpg
 photo 0faeb9ff-c84c-4a51-8383-dbdbcd960d6f_zps8d45198c.jpg

Thanks for letting me share some fun Perch Shop news with you!
Happy Day, my friends.
   photo 896b4f37-8e2b-455b-a4cf-cd9ad941f8c6_zps0ea93f9b.png

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