october celebrations

I must say October is by far our favorite month of the year. We celebrate our marriage and both of our birthdays--needless to say we do a ton of celebrating!

For our anniversary we keep things pretty simple with a nice dinner out. This year, we chose to celebrate at Taphouse right on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside and be reminded of the gorgeous views the ocean has to offer--and that we live so close to! It's starting to be a tradition for me not to buy the hubby a card. Not that I intentionally don't want to. I'll remind myself weeks leading up to our anniversary but somehow I can't seem to actually make it happen. I do make sure to verbally express my undying love over and over....

Next up--birthdays! We have some pretty amazing friends around here so we celebrated Derrick's birthday at a local restaurant. For me--a trip to New York is planned! I'm pretty excited to see my brother and spend some time shopping in the city.

In between all of this, my little etsy shop received its first wholesale order! I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to have my knots in one of our favorite oceanfront spots. More on that soon!

Happy Fall my friends!

being still / sometimes

Sometimes life gets busy. And that is how it goes sometimes.

Have you ever scheduled time to just be still? I'm feeling like this might be a new necessity for me. Yesterday I was able to spend some time just in the quietness of our home. Derrick was watching football at the neighbors and I was able to have a little time to myself. It was so refreshing and much-needed.

I love to make a plan and sometimes the plan takes over and I forget to actually take time to be still. And when I say be still, I mean spending time praying, reading the Word, and taking time to just be present. Those few moments were so needed and loved having that time...and planning to do it more!

 photo 8cc223e6-a044-4e4a-834f-b0585d593846_zpsbd0bcdd1.jpg

a new camera

one of my goals set for my little perch shop was once it hit one hundred sales i would start the hunt for a new camera. well, i reached that goal in july! i truly had no idea where to start--but i figured looking at my favorite bloggers and photographers (here and here for example) to see what they use would be a fine place to go. i made a note of what those smarties use and started some research. right now i'm using a canon power shot and feel pretty comfortable with there settings but am open to a new challenge. after lots of back and forth i'm almost positive i want to go with this one which is a Canon EOS 60D DSLR. and just in case you think i forgot--i'll also be getting a lense too! that would be helpful, eh? i think i'll start with a standard zoom lens and maybe snatch up a wide angle lens too...we shall see. thoughts??

don't expect anything too fabulous from me anytime soon since this is quite the adjustment. and any tips or suggestions you have--do share!

four years and counting

yesterday the hubby and i celebrated our fourth anniversary. it's just incredible how much we have done and how quickly time has flown by!

we were talking over dinner about the past four years and what major things happened in each of those years. first, let me just say that i can't believe how bad my memory is! nonetheless, one of the things we talked about was our love. i remember people saying to us; "you will love him more and more everyday." that was just such a foreign concept since i knew on that given day i loved him so much and how could i possibly love him more?!?

as we kept talking we were thinking back to all the different emotions and experiences that we had together. all those things deepen and strengthen us--bonding us together. i know this sounds super cheesy but it is so true. sharing life together and learning how we both respond allows us to love in ways we never knew how. all this to say--i couldn't ask for a better partner and am so blessed.

now, on to the next year! i can't wait to see what is in store for us. if the past years are any guide--it will be wild and crazy but lots of fun!

happy wednesday, my friends!