july favorites

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over the past few weeks i've splurged and treated myself on a few things that i've been eyeing....one i've been coveting for years!

i went to sephora and made a couple beauty purchases--some based on recommendations and others just because. 

the urban decay's naket palette is awesome. i'm embarrassed to say but it has been about 4 years since i last purchased some eye shadow. {last purchase was for our wedding! eek....} this combo of colors is right in my comfort zone--i don't like anything too flashy for my eyes so this is a win in my book.

i also picked up this lip tar in narcissus by obsessive compulsive cosmetics. it's a little bold but i do love it. not an everyday lip but still glad i made the purchase. bonus that it is vegan and cruelty-free!

why did i not get the memo that perfume comes in as a rollerball? oh, lola by marc jacobs....love it. and it's perfect to keep in my purse when i need to freshen up. {day to night!} 

lily pottery is another shop that has been on my radar for quite some time but for whatever reason i never purchased anything until i saw this arrow bracelet and was smitten. can't wait for this to arrive!

how about some knuckle rings?? i love that these were on sale, adjustable and gold! score, score and score.
 photo 25ea4923-2212-467c-ae5c-ce452aa7f976_zps8ee5481f.jpg

and just because everyone needs a horseshoe in there home....love this!

last but not least. the watch i don't know that i have looked at something for so long and waited forever to finally make this purchase but am so thrilled i finally pulled the trigger.

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oh and i had my parents here the past few days--best way to wrap up the month for sure.

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what are you crushing on lately?
happy day my friends!

evolution of our bedroom

our bedroom has been this dreadful work in progress for umpteen years. my original plan was just to update along the way and wait until we find exactly what we want. which, in theory, is a good idea. but when you update so infrequently that the last update now needs an update...it doesn't seem to bode well with making actual progress. i'm determined to finish this room and have one room completely done! (i say finish loosely since things are always movin and shakin around here) which led me to making a list--one of my favorite things to do! so, shall we take a look-see?

  • bedspread purchased one from pottery barn: vintage ticking stripe duvet and shams
  • curtains
  • paint master bath a bright and light color
  • new shower curtain: fun printed pattern
  • completely replace shower, vanity and mirror
  • add shelving to closet
  • and last but not least, hang some artwork/pictures
here are a few inspiration photos we have been eyeing lately. we'll see how close we come to any of these lovely rooms. swooning over the marthas stewart idea to add large pom poms to a basic throw. (all photos found via pinterst.com. find me as perch1)

 photo 304bd879-80dd-4ca6-9d22-dd21d3d6c774_zps0daf9e10.jpg photo 9ef33621-cea9-48b8-ae51-da3aad9da86f_zps3ea960d5.jpg photo e9adf601-7a2e-4901-9ea6-ab2c71934c71_zps212cd62a.jpg photo bedroom2_zps940c0ace.jpg photo 6c746ea3-f772-484b-850e-325ee278312a_zps58b9b1c6.jpg

i took a stroll down memory lane and saw some past photos of our bedroom. wouldn't you agree it is about time to get this room up to par?! eesh--slightly embarrassed to share these but hey, keepin' it real over here.

i photo bd66837e-7110-43e2-854a-5687fb1849e8_zps898d7101.jpg  photo d8de5a30-8cdd-4320-9221-2b1500eb01e7_zpsa800c28e.jpg photo 9469a405-dddb-466d-b3ae-bf84c9a96d53_zps5b9cae0e.jpg  photo b48f8951-b143-4a09-b768-e9eaee02f33c_zpsca44f065.jpg

my man & my knots: two things i love

buried in knots this week and couldn't be happier! there is something so fulfilling about spending time doing something you love. it helps that making these knots are a tangible process so you can visually see what's been accomplished. best feeling ever. { and these little guys were featured on the etsy blog! such a fun surprise }

speaking of doing something you love. i recently got back with running on the regular. its been fantastic and i kick myself everytime for not being consistent with things. seriously it feels so good to stay active. sleep better, eat better...win-win.

d and i went to my cousin's wedding this past weekend and had the best time. friends and family are the best, aren't they? so thankful for good people in our lives.

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gold painted glass bottle / diy

it's pretty hard for me to throw away a glass bottle. i think: i could probably use this for something later on. and so, the glass bottle collection continues to grow.

these little wine bottles are great to repurpose. flower vase, matchcase holder, or whatever you fancy.
i had some leftover gold gilding paint from the barstool update so i decided to give it a try on one of these glass bottles.

what you will need:
  • glass bottle
  • gold gilding paint or glass paint
  • disposable paint brush
  • tape or stencil for design

i tried a few different methods and designs--think it turned out alright! certainly not a life changing diy, but something you can knock out in a few minutes.
send me a pic if you give this a try!

 photo ec854b86-63a7-4a87-a955-80e412258a12_zps56bf9ad2.jpg  photo c255a952-1901-414e-a44e-926e278ad7b6_zpsa92d37a0.jpg

projects for july

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july?! it is july?!?! i gotta get some of these projects done that have sat on my list way too long. so here it is in black and white with all of blogland to hear (see, rather) this great list dwindle down to nothing. shall we?

first and foremost--let's address this lonely sombrero hanging in our hallway. i must say i'm more than ready for something to take over this whimpy mexican fiesta. i'm thinking something large and bold. maybe a feature wall with a funky pattern or wallpaper? can't get too crazy since i have the fabric hanging on the opposite wall...now you see why the sombrero has lasted so long?

 photo abc29516-9ae0-458f-b90a-4d46d3e6cd37_zpse2be3592.jpg

oy. i'm embarrassed about this next one. our backdoor needs some shade and we had a lovely bamboo shade here for quite some time, but would constantly fall thanks to some nosey pups wanting to peer outside. so, as a quick fix i threw up a piece of linen fabric and nailed it to the door frame. well, so goes 6 months. the fabric has now ripped from getting caught in the door and looks a little rough. it's time for it to go. maybe legitimate shades screwed into the door?? or shall i stick with fabric but make it more presentable??

 photo 20355b85-454f-4f17-82e2-3ebc122a3d28_zpsf6366aa1.jpg

this next one is easy but one that i just have to sit down and actually do. our photo wall needs some updated photos. they just need a fresh set of photos to keep up with the times. i know this is not  huge project, but it gets put off too easily....because it is easy??

 photo e75709a0-925a-4027-a5c5-6d396c0b8357_zps2e709316.jpg

three doesn't seem like a lot but trying to stay reasonable for the month of july. plus, i'm already two days behind schedule! {and i hate being behind schedule...}

wish me luck -- and offer up some ideas too!