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Over the past year I've been hemmin' & hawin' over what to do about a camera purchase. A few months ago I blogged about this Canon camera that has been on my wishlist for a bit. Black Friday, Derrick and I went out and did a little perusing which led us to check out some cameras in person. After looking over the selection and handling different camera options--I decided against the 60D--it just seemed a little too much of a camera for my first DSLR. So, I went with the Canon T3i Rebel and I love it! Of course they had some crazy deals going on so I ended up with the camera, two lenses, camera bag and a 32gb card all for a steal!

My current point & shoot camera is a Canon powershot, which I have loved, so I wanted to stick with that same brand. So far, it has been very user friendly!

The next part is photoshop. That program can be a doozy and a little overwhelming for a newbie like me. One of my favorite bloggers, Design Love Fest, offers a blogshop class that goes over lots of these details. So the other day, I saw they debuted a streaming option for the blogshop class! I was immediately on board and grabbed a slot for the class in January. This was a much more affordable option too. {win-win!} I'm so excited and can't wait to learn some photoshop skills. Watch out peeps, I'll be a photoshop fool before you know it!!

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