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It never fails that we need a quick last minute gift. No matter how hard we try to make sure we have our bases covered it is always nice to have a few things lined up just in case. So, here are my favorite last minute gift ideas that cover everything from your girlfriends to hosts to next door neighbors.

Target will be your best friend. I mean--linens, wine, stationary. Super spot for quick pick up items.

Don't forget to check your local gift shop. Sometimes these places get overlooked during the holidays but usually they have the best gift options. If your a local, check out Kitsch in Norfolk. They have such a great selection....and you may just see some of Perch's knots there too!

Gift cards can seem impersonal but they never go to waste--at least not in the Thompson home! If you aren't comfortable with a gift card by itself, don't fret there are ways to make it a little more sweet. If you are giving a coffee or restaurant giftcard, pair with a bag of coffee or a to-go menu.

If you are in frantic mode--grab your scissors, head outdoors and snip a few pieces of holiday greenery. Bring it all together by wrapping it up with some paper or twine and call it a day!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday my friends!

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