Brooklyn, NY

This past weekend I was able to scoot out of town and visit my brother in Brooklyn. Lemme tell ya--we had the best time! I hate that Derrick couldn't join me, but there is always next time....

Speaking of time, there is never enough time to do and see everything in the city. But my brother and his girlfriend knocked it out of the park with some pretty amazing shopping and delicious food and drinks.

One of my favorite stops was at the Brooklyn Flea. Such a great mix of vintage and handmade items--oh, and delcious donuts for a little shopping fuel. Potato sack, bracelet from Birdhouse Jewelry,  antler {long sought after!}, and a few other odds and ends made there way back to Virginia with me. I only wish I took more pictures....and maybe had another donut.

I can't tell you how incredible it was to spend a weekend with my brother. There is a lot of love for that guy and so glad we could have some family time together. I better stop before I get too sappy here...

Between all the fantastic shopping and tasty food I came back home and slept like a rock. Such is the life of NYC, eh?

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