Alisandra Photography

A couple years ago I was introduced to Alisandra Photography--I knew I would love her when I found out she goes by Ali and spells it just like mine. { kindred spirits! } She took that awesome photo above and we've kept in touch ever since, thanks to the lovely land of social media.

Ali put together a coastal styled shoot over the summer and she kindly included some of my knots from Perch. I was so blown away by this gorgeous beach set up. She did such an excellent job capturing all the natural details the beach has to offer--I mean, check out that driftwood!

I can't believe it took me to so long to share these pictures.

For more details and photos hop over to the blog, Inspired By This, and check out the feature here.

So, when Derrick and I were chatting about getting our Fall/Christmas photos together we immediately agreed on scheduling a shoot with Ali. She is a natural and I highly recommend her!

Happy Monday, friends!

My Veteran

I never knew my husband when he was in the Navy, but nonetheless I am so proud of him. He spent most of his time in Japan and I love hearing all the stories from those years. Just the thought of being away from home for years on end, in a foreign country mind you, is mind boggling! We live in such a huge military area that it is truly hard to go a day without coming into contact with someone that hasn't served our country.

 photo 1461714_10153410937235507_773558596_n_zps3e436c27.jpg

From the bottom of my heart; THANK YOU to all those who have given your time and love for the good ole' U.S. of A!

May we always remember to pray for country.
God Bless America!

The Realness of Relationships

This summer I started spending time with two incredible women on a regular basis. We are all at different stages in life and we each bring to the table different points of view but what we do share is the same love for the Lord. The thing I enjoy the most is the intentional conversations. Ones that get to the heart. You know, those conversations that can be a little hard to have. The kind of conversations where you are honest and transparent and vulnerable. And might I add that there is lots of grace and love poured out in these chats as well.

I tend to share lots of basic details about life with friends--but forget to really develop deep friendships where there is accountability and encouragement. Yes, my husband has a gift for listening and encouraging me. When I tell him what's on my mind and explain how confusing things and life and decisions are--he has a gift for seeing right through all of that and breaking it down so easily. I'll walk away from the conversation thinking "Oh, that makes sense."

Anywho, I am so guilty of thinking I have it all together and correcting those along the way whom I think need my {ever so gentle} correcting....!

Over the past 24 hours I have been reminded of the fruits of relationships. The genuineness. The love. The never-giving-up God that I am so thankful to have a relationship with. Hands down we have some pretty amazing friends and family. I couldn't ask for a better gang to go through life with.
 photo 85630acb-e1b3-416b-ad30-2effc79ecf99_zps78986b63.jpg

Brooklyn, NY

This past weekend I was able to scoot out of town and visit my brother in Brooklyn. Lemme tell ya--we had the best time! I hate that Derrick couldn't join me, but there is always next time....

Speaking of time, there is never enough time to do and see everything in the city. But my brother and his girlfriend knocked it out of the park with some pretty amazing shopping and delicious food and drinks.

One of my favorite stops was at the Brooklyn Flea. Such a great mix of vintage and handmade items--oh, and delcious donuts for a little shopping fuel. Potato sack, bracelet from Birdhouse Jewelry,  antler {long sought after!}, and a few other odds and ends made there way back to Virginia with me. I only wish I took more pictures....and maybe had another donut.

I can't tell you how incredible it was to spend a weekend with my brother. There is a lot of love for that guy and so glad we could have some family time together. I better stop before I get too sappy here...

Between all the fantastic shopping and tasty food I came back home and slept like a rock. Such is the life of NYC, eh?

 photo e517ef4a-dfee-4eb5-9e23-4f5a12bf388b_zps32b14c13.jpg  photo 0b2ab785-d7cc-494d-a03c-fec4527c86de_zpsdd3b1ecf.jpg  photo 72f79f1e-ec60-416b-b524-f7766f792be3_zpsdbad663f.jpg  photo 52dfa552-8120-4adf-9b68-b7bbee279d29_zps59b0b038.jpg  photo 8fed48d2-18d5-454a-8690-3d62384519a7_zps8bb71c4a.jpg