october celebrations

I must say October is by far our favorite month of the year. We celebrate our marriage and both of our birthdays--needless to say we do a ton of celebrating!

For our anniversary we keep things pretty simple with a nice dinner out. This year, we chose to celebrate at Taphouse right on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside and be reminded of the gorgeous views the ocean has to offer--and that we live so close to! It's starting to be a tradition for me not to buy the hubby a card. Not that I intentionally don't want to. I'll remind myself weeks leading up to our anniversary but somehow I can't seem to actually make it happen. I do make sure to verbally express my undying love over and over....

Next up--birthdays! We have some pretty amazing friends around here so we celebrated Derrick's birthday at a local restaurant. For me--a trip to New York is planned! I'm pretty excited to see my brother and spend some time shopping in the city.

In between all of this, my little etsy shop received its first wholesale order! I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to have my knots in one of our favorite oceanfront spots. More on that soon!

Happy Fall my friends!

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