being still / sometimes

Sometimes life gets busy. And that is how it goes sometimes.

Have you ever scheduled time to just be still? I'm feeling like this might be a new necessity for me. Yesterday I was able to spend some time just in the quietness of our home. Derrick was watching football at the neighbors and I was able to have a little time to myself. It was so refreshing and much-needed.

I love to make a plan and sometimes the plan takes over and I forget to actually take time to be still. And when I say be still, I mean spending time praying, reading the Word, and taking time to just be present. Those few moments were so needed and loved having that time...and planning to do it more!

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  1. i am certainly the same way- a planner and super task oriented so being still is not usually on my forever long "to-do" list. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. DEFINITELY a great reminder! Especially with all of the social media surrounding us constantly. I need to be better about intentionally enjoying certain moments and just be more present in them. Wise words, my friend!


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