a new camera

one of my goals set for my little perch shop was once it hit one hundred sales i would start the hunt for a new camera. well, i reached that goal in july! i truly had no idea where to start--but i figured looking at my favorite bloggers and photographers (here and here for example) to see what they use would be a fine place to go. i made a note of what those smarties use and started some research. right now i'm using a canon power shot and feel pretty comfortable with there settings but am open to a new challenge. after lots of back and forth i'm almost positive i want to go with this one which is a Canon EOS 60D DSLR. and just in case you think i forgot--i'll also be getting a lense too! that would be helpful, eh? i think i'll start with a standard zoom lens and maybe snatch up a wide angle lens too...we shall see. thoughts??

don't expect anything too fabulous from me anytime soon since this is quite the adjustment. and any tips or suggestions you have--do share!


  1. You never regret a Canon!

    I'm buying the 100D next, not sure about the differences though. I'm only listening to a photographer friend of mine, who recommended it as a good amateur camera.


thanks so much for your comment! you make my day!