yellow front door

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july was successful in every way other than i planned and did not complete one thing on my list! that's okay because august was where the action happened. some fun and not so fun projects were finally completed. you know those ones that you started forever ago and never completed? like my never ending trim, door and doorknob updates?! ugh--finally that has been put to rest. i take that back, there is still a little bit of trim in the living room to complete....

completing this took a few weeks to knock out. i just spent an hour or two after work a few days a week and then one full saturday morning. so, not too bad but glad it is done. painting doors are rather annoying...

 photo 4681ada2-ca48-4a96-9c99-5fb92c1f9de8_zps287e1d89.jpg

here is what finally got finished:

doors painted
doorknobs spray painted black {although now i'd like the hinges painted black after seeing the doors in this post}
front door painted yellow: benjamin moore's banan-appeal found here
{just the back of the door is painted. condo association would go into a tizzy otherwise!}

with the door now painted yellow i'd love to add a few accents to really tie it all together. maybe a different rug or piece of artwork in the entryway??

the horseshoe is a purchase from this etsy shop : cast and crew

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  1. I love this soft buttery yellow. We have a yellow door planned for our place -- I don't think there's anything more cheerful.


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