projects for july

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july?! it is july?!?! i gotta get some of these projects done that have sat on my list way too long. so here it is in black and white with all of blogland to hear (see, rather) this great list dwindle down to nothing. shall we?

first and foremost--let's address this lonely sombrero hanging in our hallway. i must say i'm more than ready for something to take over this whimpy mexican fiesta. i'm thinking something large and bold. maybe a feature wall with a funky pattern or wallpaper? can't get too crazy since i have the fabric hanging on the opposite you see why the sombrero has lasted so long?

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oy. i'm embarrassed about this next one. our backdoor needs some shade and we had a lovely bamboo shade here for quite some time, but would constantly fall thanks to some nosey pups wanting to peer outside. so, as a quick fix i threw up a piece of linen fabric and nailed it to the door frame. well, so goes 6 months. the fabric has now ripped from getting caught in the door and looks a little rough. it's time for it to go. maybe legitimate shades screwed into the door?? or shall i stick with fabric but make it more presentable??

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this next one is easy but one that i just have to sit down and actually do. our photo wall needs some updated photos. they just need a fresh set of photos to keep up with the times. i know this is not  huge project, but it gets put off too easily....because it is easy??

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three doesn't seem like a lot but trying to stay reasonable for the month of july. plus, i'm already two days behind schedule! {and i hate being behind schedule...}

wish me luck -- and offer up some ideas too!

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  1. yay! i love your projects! can't wait to see what you come up with (:


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