my man & my knots: two things i love

buried in knots this week and couldn't be happier! there is something so fulfilling about spending time doing something you love. it helps that making these knots are a tangible process so you can visually see what's been accomplished. best feeling ever. { and these little guys were featured on the etsy blog! such a fun surprise }

speaking of doing something you love. i recently got back with running on the regular. its been fantastic and i kick myself everytime for not being consistent with things. seriously it feels so good to stay active. sleep better, eat

d and i went to my cousin's wedding this past weekend and had the best time. friends and family are the best, aren't they? so thankful for good people in our lives.

 photo 4e501bed-6d4a-47a8-ab3f-63ae841d85b8_zps775c3426.jpg

 photo dc047fb4-635c-46b2-a9ca-cffd917ca039_zpsc386c60c.jpg


  1. The knots look fantastic! And congrats again on being featured on the Etsy blog! Such an honor. :)


  2. I love your knots! How fun that they were featured! I'm so happy with mine, and someday I want to get a big one - or two!


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