july favorites

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over the past few weeks i've splurged and treated myself on a few things that i've been eyeing....one i've been coveting for years!

i went to sephora and made a couple beauty purchases--some based on recommendations and others just because. 

the urban decay's naket palette is awesome. i'm embarrassed to say but it has been about 4 years since i last purchased some eye shadow. {last purchase was for our wedding! eek....} this combo of colors is right in my comfort zone--i don't like anything too flashy for my eyes so this is a win in my book.

i also picked up this lip tar in narcissus by obsessive compulsive cosmetics. it's a little bold but i do love it. not an everyday lip but still glad i made the purchase. bonus that it is vegan and cruelty-free!

why did i not get the memo that perfume comes in as a rollerball? oh, lola by marc jacobs....love it. and it's perfect to keep in my purse when i need to freshen up. {day to night!} 

lily pottery is another shop that has been on my radar for quite some time but for whatever reason i never purchased anything until i saw this arrow bracelet and was smitten. can't wait for this to arrive!

how about some knuckle rings?? i love that these were on sale, adjustable and gold! score, score and score.
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and just because everyone needs a horseshoe in there home....love this!

last but not least. the watch i don't know that i have looked at something for so long and waited forever to finally make this purchase but am so thrilled i finally pulled the trigger.

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oh and i had my parents here the past few days--best way to wrap up the month for sure.

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what are you crushing on lately?
happy day my friends!


  1. i remember you mentioning that watch a loooong time ago! it is so you- i am glad you've made it your own (: also, i am trying to wear more lip color, so let me know how you like the lip tar and i might check that out.


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