gold painted glass bottle / diy

it's pretty hard for me to throw away a glass bottle. i think: i could probably use this for something later on. and so, the glass bottle collection continues to grow.

these little wine bottles are great to repurpose. flower vase, matchcase holder, or whatever you fancy.
i had some leftover gold gilding paint from the barstool update so i decided to give it a try on one of these glass bottles.

what you will need:
  • glass bottle
  • gold gilding paint or glass paint
  • disposable paint brush
  • tape or stencil for design

i tried a few different methods and designs--think it turned out alright! certainly not a life changing diy, but something you can knock out in a few minutes.
send me a pic if you give this a try!

 photo ec854b86-63a7-4a87-a955-80e412258a12_zps56bf9ad2.jpg  photo c255a952-1901-414e-a44e-926e278ad7b6_zpsa92d37a0.jpg


  1. These are so cute! I love the touch of gold

  2. Ah what a cute idea! I saw something similar with mason jars. Just such a great way to up cycle!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


thanks so much for your comment! you make my day!