evolution of our bedroom

our bedroom has been this dreadful work in progress for umpteen years. my original plan was just to update along the way and wait until we find exactly what we want. which, in theory, is a good idea. but when you update so infrequently that the last update now needs an update...it doesn't seem to bode well with making actual progress. i'm determined to finish this room and have one room completely done! (i say finish loosely since things are always movin and shakin around here) which led me to making a list--one of my favorite things to do! so, shall we take a look-see?

  • bedspread purchased one from pottery barn: vintage ticking stripe duvet and shams
  • curtains
  • paint master bath a bright and light color
  • new shower curtain: fun printed pattern
  • completely replace shower, vanity and mirror
  • add shelving to closet
  • and last but not least, hang some artwork/pictures
here are a few inspiration photos we have been eyeing lately. we'll see how close we come to any of these lovely rooms. swooning over the marthas stewart idea to add large pom poms to a basic throw. (all photos found via pinterst.com. find me as perch1)

 photo 304bd879-80dd-4ca6-9d22-dd21d3d6c774_zps0daf9e10.jpg photo 9ef33621-cea9-48b8-ae51-da3aad9da86f_zps3ea960d5.jpg photo e9adf601-7a2e-4901-9ea6-ab2c71934c71_zps212cd62a.jpg photo bedroom2_zps940c0ace.jpg photo 6c746ea3-f772-484b-850e-325ee278312a_zps58b9b1c6.jpg

i took a stroll down memory lane and saw some past photos of our bedroom. wouldn't you agree it is about time to get this room up to par?! eesh--slightly embarrassed to share these but hey, keepin' it real over here.

i photo bd66837e-7110-43e2-854a-5687fb1849e8_zps898d7101.jpg  photo d8de5a30-8cdd-4320-9221-2b1500eb01e7_zpsa800c28e.jpg photo 9469a405-dddb-466d-b3ae-bf84c9a96d53_zps5b9cae0e.jpg  photo b48f8951-b143-4a09-b768-e9eaee02f33c_zpsca44f065.jpg


  1. Love the new bedspread! Can't wait to see it in person :)

  2. I have so much to comment on with this post!
    1. I love making lists too! It's an addiction.
    2. I am swooning over your 2nd inspiration photo. The drapey fabric is beautiful.
    3. The nightstand in the 3rd pic is styled so nicely. I like the rustic touches.
    Hope you are having a lovely day!

    1. janelle--i know it! the hubby isn't swooning over the drapey fabric like i am so i'll have to convince him it's fabulous! thanks for your note. xo

  3. can't wait to see what you come up with! also, i love sammy's cameo in there (:


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