a suprise weekend getaway!

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it has been quite some time that derrick and i have been able to get away for an entire weekend--for no other reason than time together and relaxation. we had no set plans and didn't have an event to attend that called for this weekend away. it was perfect in every way. derrick called me friday morning and said--call this number and make reservations; be ready by 5. the hubby picked luray, va as our weekend destination. luray is famous for there caverns and they were quite spectacular. the story of the caverns is so fascinating. i'll let you research that on your own--and highly recommend the luray caverns!

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we ate breakfast at uncle bucks--and made sure to pick the most unhealthy options as possible. there was a ton of walking over the weekend, so that negates the calories right?!

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after the caverns we headed on a little antiquing adventure. we found a lot of okay places but none that were really grabbing my attention....until, we found this lonely antique store that have since named "the honey hole." we scored lots of awesome finds & even a fan for my bro. {you'll see these in the etsy shop over the next week so stay tuned!}

saturday evening we threw a blanket on the grass, sipped on some drinks and watched the gorgeous sunset over the mountains. our pup, sammy, came with us and he was loving it. i was kinda nervous about bringing sammy since he can be a nervous pup but--he loved the trip!

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getting away with derrick was perfect. we seriously have such a great time together and laughed a ton. there is something to be said for being spontaneous--give it a try! pick a destination and just go. you won't regret it.


  1. So glad y'all had such a wonderful time!! Sweet hubby for planning your getaway. Love to you both!


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