cabinet styling

 photo a52a9d1a-4770-404e-bd8a-1abba75ccfaf_zpsdfd4c651.jpg

this cabinet makes me happy. i knew that tucking her in the corner originally was a bad idea....i had her over here at first. so many fun styling options in this babes future.

there are big plans for this beauty. maybe put some succulents in a few drawers--some art--candles--?

the hubby likes to call this drawer the hipbuster. although we have yet to bust a hip on it yet...!

 photo cdd5bcde-5409-4811-819a-dd15c81d26b5_zpsa1233f37.jpg

 photo 0e6ce7ab-0d55-4719-9c20-411e2e9cbe6d_zps7ac2089c.jpg

i love this picture below. the couch needs straightening, blankets to fold, rope knots to know, just a glimpse into real life!

 photo a3ac6e5a-30dc-487e-9630-aa09fdc1bb1b_zpsb5e544a9.jpg


  1. That is a fun cabinet -- the fun possibilities for it really are endless, aren't they?

  2. I would dearly love to have a cabinet like that someday! Oh the fun you will have ;)

  3. Such a cool vintage piece to add to your living room! I'd love to find something like that for our space. Small apartments need lots of drawers.


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