baby shower recap

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there are few things better than spending time with amazing women celebrating our friends first baby due in just a few weeks! i love being surrounded by women that encourage, support and just simply care about one another. so refreshing!

my sweet friend, jamie, is the mother to be and could not be more beautiful. we are all SO excited to meet parker paige!

myself and two other talented friends through the shower together and had the best time. we served brunch and i'm pretty sure i gained 5 pounds...the food was awesome. we opted for no games for this shower--it was so nice to just chat with everyone and meet new friends. here are a few pictures that were snapped throughout the day. wish i would have gotten a few of the food! {pretty important stuff!}

 photo a9a0d9fa-5955-47b2-ac35-0e3d12513bef_zps71b5faa3.jpg  photo 3f548e05-88db-416b-a7b1-c7dfd777b93d_zpsae85216b.jpg  photo 65f1e0ae-4ddc-4aae-b0b9-9f551372d65f_zps9d990b91.jpg  photo 9756e8dc-cb77-4f1b-aacc-a5cff4e6fd99_zps03f40b3a.jpg  photo 5ae023d3-91be-4202-9fea-db969c757216_zps67e0d7f7.jpg

{ i'll be back soon with a few fun projects! }

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  1. No games is the way to go for a shower. Glad it went well!


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