baby shower recap

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there are few things better than spending time with amazing women celebrating our friends first baby due in just a few weeks! i love being surrounded by women that encourage, support and just simply care about one another. so refreshing!

my sweet friend, jamie, is the mother to be and could not be more beautiful. we are all SO excited to meet parker paige!

myself and two other talented friends through the shower together and had the best time. we served brunch and i'm pretty sure i gained 5 pounds...the food was awesome. we opted for no games for this shower--it was so nice to just chat with everyone and meet new friends. here are a few pictures that were snapped throughout the day. wish i would have gotten a few of the food! {pretty important stuff!}

 photo a9a0d9fa-5955-47b2-ac35-0e3d12513bef_zps71b5faa3.jpg  photo 3f548e05-88db-416b-a7b1-c7dfd777b93d_zpsae85216b.jpg  photo 65f1e0ae-4ddc-4aae-b0b9-9f551372d65f_zps9d990b91.jpg  photo 9756e8dc-cb77-4f1b-aacc-a5cff4e6fd99_zps03f40b3a.jpg  photo 5ae023d3-91be-4202-9fea-db969c757216_zps67e0d7f7.jpg

{ i'll be back soon with a few fun projects! }

baby shower sneak peek

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here are just a few sneak peek pictures of the baby shower from last weekend. full post next week!
happy memorial day weekend, friends!

cabinet styling

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this cabinet makes me happy. i knew that tucking her in the corner originally was a bad idea....i had her over here at first. so many fun styling options in this babes future.

there are big plans for this beauty. maybe put some succulents in a few drawers--some art--candles--?

the hubby likes to call this drawer the hipbuster. although we have yet to bust a hip on it yet...!

 photo cdd5bcde-5409-4811-819a-dd15c81d26b5_zpsa1233f37.jpg

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i love this picture below. the couch needs straightening, blankets to fold, rope knots to know, just a glimpse into real life!

 photo a3ac6e5a-30dc-487e-9630-aa09fdc1bb1b_zpsb5e544a9.jpg

put a bird on it.

the ripple effect of my brother moving to nyc means my resource for design is moving hours away! i knew i wanted to get the blog and etsy shop to have a cohesive look and with brothers new gig his freetime for my little project would be non-existent. which led me to pay close attention to the bottom section of my favorite blogs--you know that little spot that says who designed there blog? well this name kept popping up so i checked it out and fell in love with her portfolio. so, thanks to danielle, perch and the blog have a new logo and design! if you are looking for a new design--i highly recommend her! i couldn't be happier. she is fantastic to work with and super efficient. perfect combo.
hope you love the new look as much as i do!
happy friday, my friends

dining table or headboard?

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i've been known to use a dining table as a headboard. so when i found out that i was inheriting my brothers desk (which was my dad's prior to that) i slightly panicked -- where would i put a 6 foot desk?? i mentally visualized rearranging the entire house just to fit this desk in the house. my mind was racing trying to figure out where this desk, plus a few other passed on items, were going to fit. (brother is moving to nyc so he is purging lots!)

hubby and i were undoing the current dining table and i casually said--hey, let's use this as the headboard in the guest room. totally not being serious. and then it happened. dining table number two becomes a headboard. we have an antique dining table used as the headboard in our master bedroom.

 photo 2d012839-3c30-488b-bfe7-61812c1c3caf_zps301de3da.jpg

 photo dfe5a0df-b70c-4c8d-a51b-419bb722cbdb_zps99152a7a.jpg

i'm loving the desk as the dining table -- gives us lots of extra space which we were lacking before. and the tablecloth fits perfect. (it dragged on the floor with the prior table.)

moral of the story: don't be afraid to try pieces of furniture in unexpected places. you never know -- it might just work!

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