diy baby shower invitations v 2.0

 photo 24047fd5-b904-4106-8eb3-a7b732cff9bb_zpsc1a703de.jpg

another sweet friend is having a baby in a few months which means another fun party to be had! getting all the party details together can be pretty costly but with a few creative moves you can keep some cash in that pocket of yours. each baby shower invitation i've put together is a little different since i like to have it reflect the personality of the momma-to-be. plus--another reason to work your left brain a smidge!

play around with all those options on your toolbar and see what you can come up with. i don't have any fancy programs or special installs, just microsoft word. between the three of us throwing the shower, we had these invites knocked out in no time. next up--the shower!

 photo c322e59e-4e8f-454b-bbb0-56e98d1e12c3_zps8c28607c.jpg

 photo d883f24f-dc06-4e8c-a2e9-32918b6823f9_zps02ed5a45.jpg

 photo 24047fd5-b904-4106-8eb3-a7b732cff9bb_zpsc1a703de.jpg

 photo 8995eaed-3994-40ae-b3a2-26608e29686c_zps0a5f1a6d.jpg

 photo 0026db54-4def-4691-b1fe-9714a08a6ba3_zps725bbd6b.jpg

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  1. Good job Kitty Kat! They turned out so cute! Can't wait for the shower :)

    1. thanks for your help, my friend! coco

  2. What a good friend you are to throw all these baby showers! Your invites are great!

  3. These invitations are gorgeous! I love that fabric!

  4. You did a lovely job with these invites, they look great.

    Ali of


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