hairpin legs

there is something about hairpin legs that makes my heart pitter-patter. for my birthday (several years back) my brother hooked me up with this awesome slice of wood that he cleaned up to perfection. i used to have a set of four wood cubbies that were used as the base. it was a heavier look and since the wood was not secured to the base it slide often and would drive me nuts. this gorgeous piece of wood has been unused and just hanging in the guest room waiting to be brought back out! i didn't know what i wanted to do with it so there it sat for many, many months.

 photo 7e96b3fa-42fb-47d5-80f5-afcc96ee3bda_zps6a7c5031.jpg
 photo 10b99163-3ca5-4ff3-84b0-d7a63f6ad523_zpsd9dd7e15.jpg

my brother would occasionally make sure i wasn't going to toss it...! never. now that i'm chippin' away at the living room to-do list, it seems like the perfect time to revive the coffee table with some hairpin legs. i can't wait!

i found this shop on etsy and am so excited to get this project completed. stay tuned!

combination hairpin legs
photo via hairpin love

diy baby shower invitations v 2.0

 photo 24047fd5-b904-4106-8eb3-a7b732cff9bb_zpsc1a703de.jpg

another sweet friend is having a baby in a few months which means another fun party to be had! getting all the party details together can be pretty costly but with a few creative moves you can keep some cash in that pocket of yours. each baby shower invitation i've put together is a little different since i like to have it reflect the personality of the momma-to-be. plus--another reason to work your left brain a smidge!

play around with all those options on your toolbar and see what you can come up with. i don't have any fancy programs or special installs, just microsoft word. between the three of us throwing the shower, we had these invites knocked out in no time. next up--the shower!

 photo c322e59e-4e8f-454b-bbb0-56e98d1e12c3_zps8c28607c.jpg

 photo d883f24f-dc06-4e8c-a2e9-32918b6823f9_zps02ed5a45.jpg

 photo 24047fd5-b904-4106-8eb3-a7b732cff9bb_zpsc1a703de.jpg

 photo 8995eaed-3994-40ae-b3a2-26608e29686c_zps0a5f1a6d.jpg

 photo 0026db54-4def-4691-b1fe-9714a08a6ba3_zps725bbd6b.jpg

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spring sprucing

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 photo b1994499-efe0-4594-a5a0-1fbf21910b48_zps71ec8ce2.jpg

although the weather doesn't quite reflect the beauty and warmth of spring---my heart does! i'm so ready for the windows to be open and the sunshine to pour in. until then, i'll shake things up with some spring rearranging and styling. i certainly don't have a whole new set of decorations for each season, but do like to pull a few things out for spring/summer.

 photo d40d691f-d3ee-422c-9012-f944c6badf74_zps52478254.jpg photo a1052a32-d246-4772-90b4-68c09521b50c_zps53ba6acf.jpg

let's start with some greenery, shall we? there are so many gorgeous spring flowers blooming now but it can cost a pretty penny to put together a nice bouquet. call me cheap, but i like free! grab a pair of scissors and head outdoors to the closest tree or shrub...preferably, not your neighbors! clip a few pieces of greenery from 2-3 places for some variety in shapes, size and texture. it just so happened that the ones i picked didn't have any full blooms, so my bunch is all green. when i see some blooms pop up, i will snip a few and add to my collection.
now that you have a nice array of greenery, here comes the fun part! dig through your cupboards and find some fun jars or vases--try and find a few different sizes and shapes. my clippings filled up 5 different vases which allowed me to group a few together and still have a few to spread around the home. cut the greenery down to fit the jars be sure to mix and match things together! it's nice to showcase a few different textures together. be creative & see what you can come up with! you really can't mess this up.

 photo 57ef655c-fac1-4a39-a13f-2f5af7fb87f5_zps21e99aec.jpg

if greenery is not your thing--maybe this one will strike a chord with you. i find it really hard to make changes to our bedrooms decoration besides the obvious changing of throw pillows and blankets. so head to your closet and pull out your favorite summer dress, bathing suit, or outfit and use the fabric as a pop of color in your room. dig in your closet and find a wooden hanger (find one at a thrift shop or even target) for the outfit and just secure to the wall with a single nail. easy-peasy, eh?

 photo b2a4f570-f5c3-479e-8344-57ecac9ae147_zpseb4a60b6.jpg photo f4b4e9b6-cfc9-465e-b2aa-a18b74750a1b_zps22d6f45a.jpg

what kind of spring sprucing are you doing? let me know if you give these a try!