weekend-ing + a new cabinet

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i tell ya...i love a weekend. lots a great things happened starting right off the bat on friday. our sweet friend elisa had her baby--beautiful and healthy baby boy, paul zachary. can't wait to meet him! derrick headed out after work to meet the little man. so bummed i wasn't able to join him. but, i did make the best of it and had fun spending time with family and tackling some guest bedroom rearranging...derrick said before he left "don't get into anything crazy with your projects. i won't be surprised if i come home and there's an addition built onto the house..." he knows me so well. ha.

our guest bedroom turns into a catch-all storage room, no matter how hard i try to keep it organized and tidy. with the hubby gone i figured this was the perfect time to get a game plan together.

here is the horrid mess i had to tackle. it was bad. and i can't believe i'm actually showing the world this awful mess. eek. once things were put away, thrown away or donated i could finally see the bedspread and the floor again! and more importantly, walk around the room without doing some sort of ballerina move.

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i've been eyeing this awesome metal filing cabinet for years. but, it was being used at my work office....so i did a little rearranging a few years ago in the supply room with the hopes of bring this beauty home--and a year or so later--here she is! i'm so excited for the extra storage. {have i mentioned how much i love organizing??} not sure if i want to leave it this color or not, but i'll live with it as is for now. oh, and here is the inspiration for the book wreath show above. i'll share my mere two cents on that another day.

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so here is the game plan for the guest bedroom's future:

  • paint the walls
  • replace the carpet
  • add shelving of some sort
  • get rid of the shutters, cabinet doors and other items needing to be tossed!
  • most importantly--put that awesome slab of wood to use again by adding hairpin legs
i'll keep you posted on the progress and how close we stay to just those five items. {it's never just that simple is it??}


  1. I really like the book wreath, and that cabinet it great! Looks like a very satisfying weekend!

  2. that filing cabinet is amazing! you can do some serious organizing with that thing. fo real. stopping by from the link up! :-)

  3. I have GOT to do this. Our guest bedroom has turned into a strorage/art room/chaos. I love that book wreath, as well. It looks really classy in there!

  4. Definitely loving that filing cabinet!!
    xo TJ

  5. love the filing cabinet.
    that slab of wood is gorgeous.. it'll look great with some hair pin legs.

  6. Ummm ... I want that filing cabinet!! Pretty much like everyone else does, but I'm obsessed!


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