family + a blog friend

if you need a little pick me up this friday morning--check out this fun interview about all things family and childhood plus a peak into some embarrasing photos!

i've been keeping up with Penelope's Pad for a while now and really enjoy reading her blog and know you will too. the world of blogging is pretty amazing and i just love being inspired & encouraged through all you smarties out there!

oh, and make sure to check out her home renovations & updates...especially the dining room + table.

happy friday my friends!


  1. Thanks, for doing the interview, Ali! I think your answers and the pictures turned out really cute! Nothing embarrassing in there at all :).

  2. I have to check them out <3


  3. I loved the interview. My mom would have probably murdered me had I drew all over the lamp shades haha! I even love the story of your older brother purposely going over major holes to try and make you fall off the wagon. I never had any siblings, but all my friends seem to have similar ones where an old brother or sister is concerned ;).

  4. cute pic.
    off to check out that dinning room


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