cardstock + washi tape.

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the past few days have been a whirlwind of getting last minute things together for my friends baby shower. so i thought i'd share this easy & fun way to serve up some party snacks. i grabbed some cardstock, paper cutter and some of my favorite washi tape. (bought here.)

simply cut the cardstock in half, roll to create a cone shape and secure with washi tape. it took me about 20 minutes to put together 35. simple and fast. done & done.

 photo b76eca6d-fecf-4c71-9cf3-9ff03bbf3115_zpsf13e51b6.jpg  photo 992113f6-a707-4310-973d-6f29436fb081_zps6a64ea01.jpg  photo 26c6549b-367f-4108-9c2f-9f723f85eda1_zps0ceb011d.jpg  photo 7dc3a5ad-bffc-4adc-91ac-8c473f08db18_zpsd11ea6ff.jpg


  1. Cute + simple = right up my alley!

  2. this is such a creative little idea! perfect for parties and so simple :)


  3. That is a very cute and fun idea! have to remmeber this one!

  4. how cute! what a fun way to hold snacks at a party and you can totally customize the colors and the washi tape to match

  5. omg what a cute easy idea! i am not crafty at all but i could totally handle this!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog. these are so cute - i just love washi tape.

  7. These are so sweet, I love your washi tape!


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