photo wall

there is no denying my love for frames. settling on an arrangement of those beloved frames is not something i love. i tend to over-think the set up and make quick decisions on the placement.

let's take a look back at what once was:
bluephotowall semolinaphotowall
so here we have another photo wall. this time i tried a new location all together. i'm happy with the turnout and there is even room for one more row of pictures but doesn't look like it needs another row. perfection. {for now...!}

entryphoto entryphotowall


  1. You always do such a good job organizing your photos! Love how the photo wall turned out.

  2. this is one of my ongoing goals: to create a wall full of frames and photos. It just seems like such a daunting project, so I never get around to it. Love yours!

  3. Love your photo wall! I've always wanted to do this...I'm sure when we get a new house I will tackle it, but I'm such a perfectionist I'm worried I won't like what I come up with!!

  4. Love your photo wall! Just curious: did you eyeball the placement or create a template for the frames?

    1. hey caitlin--i lined up the frames on the floor before nailing them to the wall. i didn't create a template or anything like that--just eyeballed! that's been the best technique for me so far. i'm not patient enough to go through a template....!

  5. amazing. i want to do a wall like this in my future home. it's such a fun way to show your collection of photos & art.

  6. Photo walls are awesome!
    Thanks for stopping by Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

  7. There are a lot of fun frames there! I'm the same way -- I'm not patient enough with the placement. Then I figure no one will ever look too closely to see if they're lined up perfectly, and no one ever has :).

  8. Yep! Looks wonderful and I'd say that there's definitely room for one more row--baby Thompson : )

  9. The photo wall looks so lovely. Makes me wanna have one too <3



  10. What a great job! A place to make you smile when you come in the door.

  11. How fun! I really need to be better at hanging up pictures!
    xo TJ

  12. Love walls that are filled with frames. I'm with you - I love the look, and I love to display all my favorite photos in them! This turned out really well.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  13. looks great! i'm finally just starting to hang up more pictures and everything. it's a process! thanks for visiting my blog! :)
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  14. I just put up a frame wall in our house! They are so much fun - I love having so many pictures of people we love up on our walls.

  15. You have so many great frames -- I've been thinking about starting a collection of 'em, too!

  16. I love your photo wall! I have wanted to add one to my apartment for a while but quickly realized that I am seriously lacking the the photo department. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Every comment means a lot to me. I'm glad you enjoyed the Heart Toast. I will be making it again on Valentine's morning for my boyfriend and I in an attempt to fit as many hearts into the day as possible.



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