last minute DIY valentine's card

have you delayed getting your valentine's diy together until the day of? i fall into that category too many times. and that goes for any holiday actually...maybe this shall change in 2013.

so if you are looking for something to whip together quick, i have just the thing for you! this is a pretty simple diddy and all you creative birds out there could probably create some amazing drawings. my drawing skills are rather limited so i stuck to the classic valentine's heart and love. i think i love the washi tape the best....!

 photo a8d3960e-75d9-4cfe-9b20-51a416c8eb99_zps0f7c80b1.jpg  photo 29277628-527e-4af3-8fb3-554784f812ed_zps7a3eeb30.jpg
 photo 2285cb6f-eca5-4740-bba1-78bf9ce04964_zpsd4a204e2.jpg

these watercolor pencils are a great invention. i love that you can sketch first then watercolor. (who would have thought my brush techniques are not very graceful....

so there ya have it--a card & a piece of art. {art used loosely!} 

happy valentines my friends!


  1. Cute! I like how simple they are plus, I'm obsessed with hearts.

  2. Happy valentine's day! What a fun crafty idea!

  3. So simple! I think hand-made cards are so much nicer to receive than store-bought ones. Just so much more personal! Thanks for stopping by my blog,I really appreciate it :)

  4. I just barely sent my husband's valentine -- by email. Is that last minute enough? All purchases were made last week, though.

  5. Love this! Can't wait to experiment with your water color pencils.

  6. Your friend Rachel sent me over here because I also painted some Valentine's. haha you know what they say about great minds. ;)

    Yours are super cute! Makes me think I need to snatch a few of those watercolor pencils. They sound fun!


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