gilded bar stools

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my quick september project of updating a set of barstools has now been completed. what in the world. how do projects get put off for months on end? well my friends, 2013 is the year of getting stuff done. so here we are with a fresh set of barstools. i may tweek them here and there but for now am very happy with the new look. clean & crisp. for this project, i used martha stewart's gold liquid gilding which cost $6.99. this little bottle will go a long way. not much is needed to cover the area. i fancy the gold and see more items getting gilded (is that the slang?). have you gilded? i know i'm a little behind the times...won't be the first time!  photo 94e30d35-7f13-4c03-ab54-7f4b92e70426_zps4fbdcacd.jpg
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these are so bossy worthy. me & the lady-friends love to define things on a "ooh, that _____ is so bossy!" level. and i think these barstools can fall into that so glad to see that green gone!
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happy day my friends!


  1. What a fun upgrade! They turned out really well. I can't seem to get enough gold lately...

  2. Oh these totally fall into the 'bossy' category!!! Love them! Can't wait to break them in with a glass of wine!


  3. I loovvveee this project. So simple, but so sleek!

  4. Very cute! I love the little touch of gold - it's the perfect addition to these.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  5. these look awesome!! i love the pop of gold, and the white looks so fresh.

  6. This is awesome! I have some stools I'm gonna try this with now. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!


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