knick knack rearranging

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when i peruse blogs, magazines, friends homes i get so inspired. i want to try a hand at updating a new spot in our home but don't want to spend the cash to do so. recently i walked around out home, pulled out dishes from cabinets, serving trays from the buffet and all sorts of frames and pictures with the hopes of a fresh arrangement. i also used my favorite washi tape to hang a print from my grandmother.cakeplate photo cakeplate_zps3926c774.jpg
take a risk and use unordinary pieces in a new spot. it may feel weird and not make sense but it me! i love experimenting with a new look especially when there is no risk of money lost. when you move things around you will define your sense of style better and when shopping for accessories you'll make wiser decisions. at least that is how it has worked for me! i would tend to impluse buy an item but regret it later when it really doesn't function well in our home. invest in items that are classic and can be easily changed. cake stands, candle holders, serving platter, books and fabric are few places to start. you can easily change those items around as seasons and holidays change. currently i have a cake stand next to our sink holding our sponges, dish soap and towel. it's a nice change of pace. anywho. give it a whirl and see what you come up with!

frames photo frames_zps3a6bb4c3.jpg tray photo tray_zpsb9dc41fa.jpg coffee photo coffee_zps71dbe8be.jpg washiherb


derrick is in love with his christmas gift. this banjo has been a very fun addition to our home! he is so determined to change his non-musical background and come over to the musical side. i must say he is doing pretty good at teaching himself and this snowy weekend is giving him some great practice time. i married a very patient man, my friends...that is not one of my gifts.
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after work it is so easy to plop in front of the tv and mentally check out from life and your partner. we fail at this so many times but really try and make a concious effort to be intentional with the time we have together. this weekend the weather was bitter cold for virginia so we set up shop in our living room and got cozy. derrick built an awesome fire, we played cards (five crowns and monopoly deal are the favorites), d played the banjo a little, played in the snow with our pup and of course we ate too much....but how can you say no to homemade anything? sammy refuses to eat out of a bowl. one might say he is a bit spoiled...
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and please don't get be wrong here--sometimes it is so nice to just lay around and watch a movie or tv show. we just try not to do that every single night we have time together...that's all.

oh, and yes that sure is our christmas tree still up and going strong! i wonder how long she will last out on the back porch... sammysnowy
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bloggy blog changes

perchknot photo perchknot_zps2b7e53f4.jpg goodbye derrickandali.blogspot, hello!
{if you are a current subscriber you don't need to change a thing}

lots of fun changes are coming over the next few months so don't be alarmed if you see a few things moved around. they are subtle little diddies...some you may not even notice. gotta keep things fresh, ya know?

anywho. speaking of my little shop there will be a wedding line added soon...stay tuned! having this creative outlet with etsy has been so much fun. i just love being challenged to try new things, think outside the box, and just enjoy God's creation and gifts all at the same time. oh, and the ultimate bonus of having my husband part of this as well! he keeps me on track which is a rather big duty....

here's to perch in 2013!

living room

this post is meant to be a reference point, a before picture, where we are now type post. we have lots on are agenda for 2013. big things are planned, my friends. we have lived in our home for 5 years now and it is time. time to make some changes room by room in an orderly fashion. i love structure and i love a plan so i'm overly excited about 2013. you should see my little notebook/journal right now. it is filled with lists, ideas, prices and budgets.

my husband said this weekend:
"i've never met anyone that loves doing projects and getting things done more than you"

i get that from my dad. we love to rearrange, clean, organize and then re-organize. it's therapy.

so this is what january 2013 looks like in our living room. so excited to see the progress and share that with you along the way! oh and i threw in a little pic of the fresh paint around the window. i can't tell you how happy we are to finally have that fixed....!
living room 01.13
living room window
and of course, the piles of books. every room in our home has a stack of books. books used for function, or some stacks simply because i have no idea where else to put them....
i see a bookshelf in our future. books

last project(s) of 2012

feeling the need to get a few things done before the clock turned to january, d and i headed out and grabbed a few things to wrap up those annoying but so so easy projects.

i am a little embarrassed to say this....back in 2010 we had a really bad nor'easter which brought water in around our windows. we did a super simple quick fix and didn't look back until now. two.years.later. how does that even happen? curtains hid the damage until we finally reached our breaking point! we had the area fixed a few weeks ago and finished up by painting over some areas that needed a touch-up. seriously, this took us no time at all. well, really it took 2+ years...but who's counting.

next, i started repainting doors and trim over the summer. when i ran out of paint the project lost its steam. somehow picking up another can of paint never made it to my list of things to grab. anywho. we finished painting the doors and trim and couldn't be happier. seriously, this might be one of my favorite projects. the result is so fresh and clean. really makes the wall color look that much better.

another embarrasing project delayed....our front door lock set has been a little off. we would have to shimmy it just right to make sure the door was locked. i'm here to tell you there is no more shimmy-ing my friends! we have a new lockset and feel much better. our little pup is safer then ever.

last but not least. we have moved rugs around our front entryway often. big to small to none at all. finally, i decided on one that will hopefully last. we can open the doors in the hallway without having to scrunch up a rug. imagine that!

i tell ya, the completing of these little projects is rather satisfying! i would show you some pics, but they are rather boring, i'll leave you with a fun pic from new years eve. i will be back soon with a lovely tour of our home...stay tuned!

happy 2013 my friends!
{yes, that is my hubby (top left) is wearing a bandana...hmmm....}