fall decorating

so you've seen these awesome rope knots but don't know what to do with them. well, today i have some answers. here are a few favorite ways to showcase these unique rope knots. sewafineseam
this creative work is by Jill, over at Sew a Fine Seam. You should check out her blog if you haven't already--she has excellent fall decorating tips/ideas. i love seeing how these rope knots get used. well done!

table knots knot bride smallknot crate decor IMG_1285_zps96d05cca shelf check out the shop to pick yours up today!


derrick and i love antique picking. and we even love a good tv show about it. american pickers on the history channel is such a cool show. mike & frankie...those fella's know so much about american history. its fascinating to watch and i highly recommend tuning in.

when we were in nashville last week we made a point to stop by there store in marathon village. i was hoping to bring home a cool pick even if it was just a small item....well, not so much. there store has lots of high ticket items....high as in hundreds/thousands of dollar items. they did have some t-shirt and other swag but just wasn't feeling it. still very cool to see items they've found along the way. they even have little tags on the items which say what episode the find was featured on.

my picking stopped just shy of the door. i did walk away with a few funny pictures. antpick ashpick hatfield antpick1 bear trap

week(s) off

time away is nice. nice to not check a blog or edit photos but just be. i highly recommend.
{although now i have lots of posts to catch up on...}
oh and it was our 3 year anniversary last week! my new boots and the hubby's new bike are the perfect additions to fall, eh?

but, now that's over and i'm back with my mind full of creative things i want to make happen. so, before i get into the stool redo (that will be later this week) i have a few other things to share!

these are quick little changes around the house + a few additions from our trip to nashville/franklin. funny how cleaning spurs on creativity. ever happen to you?

oh, and starting off with some new pics for the rope knots. a little thanksgiving/christmas preparation....
enjoy and see you back here tomorrow!
table knots mom knot coffee sack coffee bag letterpress t