diy on my mind.

part of the reason i like to blog is to document how things evolve in our home. its seems that these "events" have been on hiatus lately. this i hope to change in a few short days. i have a long list of things ( and i use things rather loosely.... ) that i would love to see happen. life is busy and we don't always get to our list of diy projects or whatever is next on the list. truthfully, blogging is sometimes a double edged sword for me. i love reading and seeing updates in friends home but it is so easy for my mind to turn that into envy/jealousy. this doesn't always happen but when it does it's not pretty. i'm humbled when confronted with my sins and selfishness.
{have you stumbled upon my  talented friend, Sarah's blog yet? she has a fauxtography project that articulates this much better...}
yesterday i was talking with the hubby about this....and by the way he is just so perfect for me for many reasons...but specifically during this conversation he brought me back real quickly. D (the hubby) is so good at keeping me level-headed and focused. i love that about him. and i love that he can wear a button down shirt with the top buttons open with lots of pride. as you can see i get off track in a heart beat and before you know it i'm starting another project that is not thought through and then have a mess on my hands...!

with all that rambling said....i had this lovely moment yesterday which came in due time. the process of journaling has really helped keep me focused too. now i can keep track of what my ideas are and not let them get tainted by envy or jealously. having D around makes that a little easier too...!

so this weekend. as i knock some projects off the list for home and perch, i'll remember to keep the envy at bay and enjoy the things we have been given. next week i'll share the weekend progress!

oh and on a much happier note--starting the countdown to nashville! 11 more days....


thanks for listening to me. sometimes it is hard to articulate exactly what i'm trying to say but it feels good to be challenged through the process.

winner winner + florida

congrats to the lovely Steph for winning the keychain rope knot!
{ oh and if you haven't checked out her blog already, do so! lots of good recipes and travel pics }
it's in the mail my friend!

thanks for all the entries and notes of things you are looking forward to this fall. seriously, you all said my favorite things...except for apple cider. love that stuff.

florida was great. i really did not want to leave. the whole weekend was exciting and busy. here are a few pics from the weekend. now if only my hubby was there....we all missed him!






surprise giveaway

something about vacation makes me want to spread the perch love.
i have a few new products coming out this fall & who better to share one of them with then you, my friends!
one lucky winner will receive a lovely mini rope knot keychain. {your keys want this}

keychain giveaway

keychain giveaway2

to enter: leave me a comment and let me know what your looking forward to this fall.
{i'll close the giveaway on sunday, the 23rd at midnight}
good luck!

do you journal?

do you journal?

i journaled during my high school years rather religiously. since then journaling has been very sporatic. something i long to do, but haven't totally committed to do. my mom recently gave me a lovely moleskin journal which has got me thinking it's time jump on the journal train. i kept holding back since i thought i needed one journal for ideas, one for perch, one for prayers and one for whatever else i wanted to record. why i never thought about using one journal for all, i don't know....!
i would ask friends how they journaled  or what the wrote down not realizing that journaling doesn't have to be so defined. it can be whatever you want. so, that's what i'm going to do. just journal my thoughts/ideas. there really is no right or wrong way to journal.

my next journal purchase (see, i'm already committing...) will be from here. remember her tips from the etsy series? kelly has got it goin' on.

so with that i go to write my first entry and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.....

september to do list

blogging is the best way to stay accountable for certain things. so here we go with my list for september....
  • repaint both of the messy green stools to a happy sassy color which has yet to be determined
  • finish painting the doors and trim in the guest bathroom and bedroom
  • narrow down some color choices for the guest bedroom
  • finish spray painting the door knobs from the greasy gold to the matte black
  • once the bar stools are painted add a rope seat to both
  • restock perch for the fall
  • do some research for a new camera (any tips are welcome!)
  • journal (more on that next week)
  • and most importantly....make a decision for our bedroom curtains and pull the trigger on the purchase. its been too long

what's on your to-do list?

jockeys ridge + the weekend

love a long weekend. saturday our friends came into town and after a quick dip in the pool we headed to the oceanfront for the american music festival to watch carbon leaf they are one of our most favorite bands to watch. if you haven't heard of them, check them out on itunes.


sunday, we headed to nags head for a sponatneous beach trip. the weather was calling for rain all day so we didn't know what to really expect. come to find out, the weathermen were wrong!! it was a perfect beach day with an awesome breeze. loved it and so glad we made the trip down.

while we were there we stopped at jockey's ridge. if you are in the area, i highly recommend a trip there. it's a beautiful sight. sand dunes and a killer view. plus, you get a work out while your there from all that walking in the sand. a win-win in my book.

jockeys ridge

it was a great weekend!
how was yours?