raw food. day two

confession time. i lied. i said i would have recipes, but i just can't do recipes....since i don't really stick to the exact-ness myself. so i'll divert to my friend Rachael who is good with recipes. check out her blog, you will love her great tips! so far only two of the recipes we have tried have been a miss. the no bean hummus & the tomato basil soup...keeping those off the list for next time. i bet if we added red pepper to the hummus it might distract from the smokey sesame seed after taste. hmmm....maybe i'll won't mark it off the list completely.....
this salad {below} was so freaking good. i ate two big bowls monday & one tonight. wowza.

in other news, i got to see this sweet girl on sunday. she is such a sweet baby! if only my friends lived a little closer, i could spoil her more....
we were at a baby shower and bella loved my iphone....as you can tell....
once she realized it was her in the picture she got all giggly. so sweet.

raw food. day one

as i'm sipping this delicious juice so begins day one of our raw food week. a few months back, Rachael & i did a juice cleanse. Rachael did all juices for 5 days and I did juice plus raw food. the weekend before we started this back in april, my fridge died so i lost a ton of food...ton as it just about everying. ugh. so i didn't go into the week of a juice cleanse with a happy attitude....at all. so now that i've prepared a little better with our menu and have everything needed from the store i'm a much happier girl.

i'll be back tomorrow with some recipes!
happy monday!

kitchen, perch & etsy.

morning, lots of exciting things to share today!

first, the kitchen cabinets are on hold for a few weeks
{not exactly an exciting update, but keep reading...it gets better!}
since we want to make the updates all at once, we need to wait till we can have a few solid consecutive days where we can dedicate some time to the kitchen. 
patience....learning more and more about patience everyday.....it will be worth it though, right?
 i'd much rather wait and get it all done right the first time. so in the meantime i'll be hunting for the perfect shelves, supports and other kitchen goodies.

last week was my first full month with perch on etsy. it went so much better than expected. i'm so thankful for all the sweet comments and feedback. the support from family and friends is amazing.
thank you thank you thank you!
there is so much to learn; figuring out the best advertising, packaging, graphics, photos....and more. 
so, to help fellow etsy-ians or those looking to open an etsy store i want to share what i learn along the way. it may not amount to much but it's great to share ideas and learn from each other.
to embark on this etsy experience every tuesday starting in july i'll have some great info to share.
you'll hear from successful etsy store owners, tips, feedback, ideas and lots more. so make sure to check back and see what you can take away from these amazing store owners.
  to make this etsy series worth your time, let me know what questions you have & i'll make sure they get answered. send me a message or leave your question in the comment section.

so pumped to get started....
happy monday my friends!

kitchen d-day

ten days. i lasted longer than i thought! the kitchen cabinet demo has begun. here's my plan of attack:
empty cabinets
remove cabinets
remove soffit
scrap & paint/repaint walls possibly??
measure, cut & paint or stain new shelves and brackets
pretty them up and waa-lah
if only it was that simple....

still not sure about the wall color--do i want to paint???
here are a few things i'm pondering for the kitchen redo:

i love the wood shelves + iron brackets in the photo below

the microwave off the counter....

really love the mini shelf holding the salt & pepper under the cabinets.

i'm seeing a lot of this bead board in photos.....

weekend + diy gone wrong

the weekend was perfect. lots of fun with friends sitting in the sun, listening to music and 
eating good food. i'd say that's a good weekend! somehow i didn't take any pics with our friends?? lame, i know. i'll have to get those from her & share another time.

in other news, i've been meaning to share this artwork diy.
do you ever have these ideas in your head that seem awesome and fabulous but when you try to pull it all together it's the opposite of awesome and fabulous?
seriously, that's what happened.
i have tons of basic frames laying around so i thought i'd put it to use with some fabric i had leftover. it was ug as a bug and i couldn't even bare to post a pic of the finished product. just was a little too forced & 1990's crafty looking for my taste. it was bad. ruined the ironing board cover in the process.  awesome. 

hey, trial and error right? on the upside, the hubby will always remember the year we got married. yes, he does his own ironing...!
i'm not giving up on the frames though. something will come to me soon...i hope.
that's the best part of a diy. it doesn't always turn out perfect. even when i see other friends/bloggers diy's and try them for myself...doesn't always work. but that's the best part; learning what works and what doesn't. and i didn't lose any money in the process.
so to all those diy-ers out there. sometimes it's a hit other times it's a miss, right?
 i'll keep you posted on the frame-spiration.


who doesn't love a friday?
for you locals, harborfest is this weekend. this means, awesome ships, music, food and the weather is looking pretty promising---hot & sunny! the ships that come through are out of this world. i dont know if i could ever completely commit to living on a boat. it sounds so luxe....just couldn't do it.

as for the music, gavin degraw AND my fav colbie caillat is playing tonight so we'll be headed out for that. friends are coming into town tonight so i'm pretty pumped for 5pm!
hope to see you at harborfest!

photo via festevents

the to do list

the beginning of may we finally laid to rest our ac unit. it lived a full 23 years. a good life. since that pivotal moment we are playing the how long can you survive without ac game. 
so far we haven't killed each other. yet....... 
so mark that as major item number one

next up we have the cupboard door that randomly just fell off the hinges. i noticed it getting lose...tightened it up...and then item number two arrived. 
item number 2 which is project kitchen cabinets has spurred this open shelving discussion. we are thinking about giving that a whirl. anyone have open shelving in the kitchen? any tips, do share!

the last thing we have to tackle is the back door situation. our roman shades fell off and are not cooperating with going back up! they just won't stay. grr....so i just randomly threw up a piece of linen fabric for some privacy. which brings up to project item three.

 i still have the other running list of projects and whatnot but these three are top priority for june.
i'll keep you posted on the progress!

happy thursday, my friends

and just because i feel sammy's been neglected on the bloggy blog.....
here's to a morning a squirrel watching.



back in the day i went to baptist bible college in pa. it was my favorite college (out of the 4 i went too...!) that's another story for another day....
i hate that i lose touch with so many friends. we all know it happens but i still don't like it. one of my girl friends came into town yesterday and we met for dinner at the beach. it was like no time had passed at all. i guess thats what happens when you have a good friendship from the beginning. you can go a long period of time without seeing each other but pick right back up where you left off. i love that. don't love the not seeing friends for years at a time but love that we don't ever totally lose it all together.
i'm not sure if that makes sense, but somehow it seems to work out okay.

all this friend reminiscing got me thinking about how your friendships change as you get older.
just a natural change.
growing up it seems you have the best girl friends and share all these fun experiences and crazy times together. then when you find your hubby things shift a little. your girls are still your best friends and you still have all these fun times together, but the friendship you share with your husband...nothing like anything you've had before. just something so sweet about that. its the best feeling ever.
anywho. i'm rambling.

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happy friday my friends