vacation! (kinda)

next week i'm headed to florida!!
my main reason/purpose is to drive my sweet grandparent's down to there new digs.
which is an amazing set up at my parent's house.
it was way too easy for me to volunteer. i mean, let's look at the obvious reasons:
one}   i'll see my parents + little bobbi!!
two}   hang by the pool
three} see my college roomie
four}   have i mentioned it's florida???
that's reason alone to be happy!

are they not the cutest gram & poppy ever??
photo cred: mary mckittrick
anywho. this will be a cherished trip. any time spent with my grandparents is time well spent. i can only imagine all the laughs & jokes to be had. plus, my gram will certainly make sure i know how to drive by offering lots of tips and pointers!
i'm really excited about finding some thrift & antique shops on the way down. there is something to be said about searching other cities/states thrift stores. makes the hunt & find a little more interesting.

{speaking of which}
my next post will be the 100th! woo hoo
so, to celebrate...let's do a little perch giveaway
make sure to come back & enter for a chance to win!


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another lamp

i didn't get a before pic but i bet all you smarties out there have a 
pretty good idea of what it looked like before....

found this little diddy (not to be confused with p.diddy....) at thrift usa for 2 buckaroo's!!
think i'll look for a fun edison light bulb to use instead of a globe.
i never tried spray painting a portion like this. really easy to do and a nice 
little change from the other two brass lamps that are spray painted same color.
(krylon ivory)

happy thursday my friends!

fridge failure

i'm going to warn you--i might be a little overly excited about this fridge....!
our fridge died last weekend. i don't know exactly when, but we started hearing a random noise coming from the kitchen friday afternoon. we tried to ignore it as long as possible....
it came to a point where we just couldn't put it off any after we fumbled around a bit we realized the fridge was dead. well, partially dead. lights and motor running but not keeping it cold. we tried a few things with the electrical box and then headed to bed. i set my alarm for an hour later to see if was cool...woke up and thought it was okay...apparently not! that saturday morning...
everything. was. warm.
like not salvageable at all. so frustrating. thankfully mom was here and was able to go fridge shopping with me. we found a whirlpool fridge and was able to have it delivered monday.
seriously, it's amazing.
i love it.


a little before & after....
now, to work on those cabinets.....


baby shower

abbey's shower was so much fun. you might remember the shower invites from this post. the shower turned into a weekend celebration since mary came up for a few days. friday morning i spontaneously took the day off and me, abbey & mary hit up all our favorite thrift shops. we had so much fun throughout the day.
starbucks, thrifting....and of course, doumars!
it. was. delish.

for the brunch we decided to do sandwiches: homemade sourdough bread with fried eggs, bacon, lettuce, sprouts, tomoto and cheeses
a little ambrosia salad on the side
we also had fig preserves and strawberry jam
oh, and of course an amazing clafoutis dessert plus a peach praline pie.
my mouth is watering looking at all these pictures....

the sweetest lady around, patty burtch, allowed us to crash her home bright and early and use all her gorgeous china and silver.
thank you...and love you, aunt patty!

i had never been to or thrown a small intimate shower as such. but it really turned out nice and was refreshing to sit and chat with our closest friends and family.
enjoy the photos!

above: looks like quite the conversation!

above: making onesies for baby campbell

above: a beautiful quilt made by abbey's mother-in-law (my aunt carol)



all photos taken by the talented mary campbell


Cleanse America is an organization that has issued a challenge to have 1,000,000 Americans juice for 10 days. my sweet friend Rae & i have accepted the challenge! since this is our first real juicing experience we are going to do a 5 day cleanse. Rae is doing all juices and smoothies while my acceptance speech was a bit different. i'll be doing a 3 day juice and 2 day raw food diet.

there are two ways to participate: raw food diet or a liquid diet
i will be doing a little of both!

there are so many great recipes and tips avialable to help the week go smoothly. it is important to know your body and be aware of your health. juicing may be a stretch for some, but you could certainly make other modifications in your diet and incorporate a few changes at a time.

now that the first two days are done it feels like a huge accomplishment already
i feel great today and am excited for the rest of the week!
 here are a few recipes and concoctions i used. enough was made to have a few servings of each.
day one:
banana, orange
smoothie: peaches, banana, spinach with a splash of water
juice: apples, pears, grapes, sweet potato
{juice recipe from linda wagner she has lots of great tips & recipes}
handfull of raw pecan halves

day two:
juice: apples, pears, grapes, sweet potato
juice: pear, cucumber, mint, parsley (this was so disgusting...not gonna lie to ya)
smoothie: peaches, mangos, banana
mint mineral water

my meal was a little modified on day one since our fridge died on us over the weekend. such a bummer...more on that later. the new one didn't get delivered till mid-morning on monday...making things a little tricky...but i came home to this in the kitchen!
stainless steel whirpool fridge. uh-mazing.
so all is well in the thompson kitchen again!

any tips on juicing or doing a cleanse? let me know!
happy wednesday my friends

danville & nashville friends + shamrock half

st patty's weekend we had our fun friends from danville & nashville come to stay with us.
we. were. pumped.
fred, elisa and there sweet baby bella + ashly, catherine and another sweet baby madi = awesome weekend

i took off on friday and the fun started immediately. we met ash's sister & hubby at rockafellers in va beach. delish. although we couldn't really enjoy the gorgeous view through the heavy rain and crazy thunderstorm!
we stayed up late every night and had a blast chattin it up and tellin tales from the past.
we made a point to show our friends a good time in va beach...which meant a trip to watermans and a tasty orange crush was a must!
it was a hit, of course!

sunday was the shamrock half marathon.
me, cat & wendy all participated.
all the cold mornings running and long runs paid off. it was so fun to race again. oh, and all the encouragement from derrick...anytime i questioned whether or not to run, he was there pushing me along and coaching me through it. thanks babe!
plus, it was the first time derrick got to see me race which made the finish extra sweet.
i loooved running with catherine too! so much fun to have a good running partner.

the only thing missing...our other nashville friends the cunningham's!

{above: bella loved playing with my phone}

 {above: madi (left) and bella (right) photo shoot}

 {above: the beautiful couple, fred & elisa}

 {above: me & cat pre-race}

{above: me, cat & wendy at the start line}

 {above: ash...carrying madi....& derrick cheering us along}

{above: finished!}

{above: the boys: ash, fred & dt}

perch update.

i've been having this struggle with pulling the trigger on the etsy shop, perch.
here's my dilema...
when i first decided to open an etsy store my vision was clear to me but was too broad for etsy. after trying to nail down specifics, i decided to concentrate my efforts on one particular item: rope boxes. this will be a beautiful collaboration of wooden boxes and crates with rope detailing. i can't wait to show you the products and officially open the store!
shooting for a grand opening of June 1. trust me...i'll keep you posted!