a very happy valentines

tuesday was such a good day.
it started out a little wonky thanks to an unpleasant oil change experience for the mini.....
coastal import has stolen our hearts now.

my how quickly things turned around though!
these beautiful flowers from my sweet hubby.
not to brag.....but my man is the best around.
love him to pieces

and getting hooked up with this glitterific letter
can't wait for its arrival

via cranny

projects coming up.

i've started numerous projects lately.
{started...as in, created a project without the material to finish it...yet}

sometimes i'll start something then get inspired along the way & change it up a bit.
here are some of the materials/areas i'm working with.
so excited to see it all come together, so stay tuned!
my ever-patient hubby is excited too. ha
 the laundry room accordian shutter doors have been removed and are awaiting fabric panels

next, we have the front entryway. i've moved the coat rack to the guest room so am going to hang hooks of some sort.
along with patching that hole in the wall from the door...

i love this fabric.
{thanks tara!}
can't wait to find the perfect home for this.
this is an indian fabric that is meant to be used as a bedspread.
tablecloth/curtain instead? hmm...

 these are the shutter doors from the laundry room.
just tucked in the corner waiting for there new home.
the simple curtain panels from pottery barn are going to be removed and replaced with these!
{these will be floor to ceiling panels to cover the awkward half moon window}
ahhh, i can't wait.

lastly, looking for a new place to move all this. its the furniture and computer that you just don't know what to do with and have no where else to put it....
{by the way...that's the first piece of furniture i bought...from gb furniture. love that tv stand}

for a sweet friend

this video was put together to encourage a sweet friend i've known since high school.
read more about her and her precious baby boy here


norfolk emergency shelter team
that's what we've been up to the past 7 days.
our church partners with NEST and provides shelter and food for the homeless for 7 days.
NEST is open from november to april. each church/synagogue is assigned one week
it was such a great week. we met so many kind, caring, and loving people.
we realized that homeless people have the same fears, hopes and dreams of those not homeless. it was such an eye-opening experience.
derrick and i are so thankful for the opportunity to serve

we are exhausted...a good exhausted...but so looking forward to a getaway this weekend!
come on Saturday!

{happy thursday my friends}