holiday cheer

we love christmas. like a lot. derrick and i were looking back through previous Christmas pics. ohmygoodness our first tree was hideous. it was bad & not kidding. it was all sorts of pokey and leaned terribly. we've come a long way and learned there is a reason we shop for trees at night.

anywho. i pulled up pinterest and came across this great idea for repurposing driftwood. its rather simple and i loved that. so i grabbed my driftwood and my 5 gallon glass jug and got to work. the untraditional has been catching my eye lately.

i'll share more Christmas decorations throughout the week.



  1. There's not much that a few Christmas lights can't make festive. Enjoy getting the house all gussied up for the big day!

  2. I love how you described your first tree as "all sorts of pokey". Hilarious!

  3. Love this.. very whimsical and great use for the jug! Can't wait to see the rest of your decorations!


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