blank space

i've had a blank space over our couches for a very long time. just waiting for that perfect piece to jump out at me and demand to be taken home. its been just about a year with a boring blank space over the couch. i just couldn't decide what i wanted. until now. thankfully i have an awesome cousin with similar taste. she knew i've been on the hunt for a certain print so when she came across it, i knew exactly where this beauty would go. so worth the long wait....

the wreath i added was old thanksgiving decor with some faux flowers/pumpkins/not my style so i just removed all the add-ons and let the wreath hang in all its bare glory. it hangs from a long piece of twine that is secured at the top of the wall where the ceiling meets.

i've done this to a few others and have them hanging on bedroom doors as well. even used it last year as my door wreath....added a little tree scrap to sass it up. {i daring}

i feel like i need another something is needed but am happy with it for now.



  1. i love those prints! i have started a collection and have about 7 now... i know i know too much- but i have a couple hanging now and the rest are stored in my closet for something one day! love it- and love the naked wreath!

  2. also they are called "Williamsburg Prints" :)

  3. I like that print and you can use the wreath now to add some christmasy bling!!!

  4. I love it. And I love that it looks like the great beginnings of a little gallery wall. Well done.

  5. It looks like your little something could easily be something to be changed out for every season. The other stuff works!

  6. Okay, I LOVE those floral prints. We just used those in our guest bathroom redo. It adds so much vintage style, I think.


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