week(s) off

time away is nice. nice to not check a blog or edit photos but just be. i highly recommend.
{although now i have lots of posts to catch up on...}
oh and it was our 3 year anniversary last week! my new boots and the hubby's new bike are the perfect additions to fall, eh?

but, now that's over and i'm back with my mind full of creative things i want to make happen. so, before i get into the stool redo (that will be later this week) i have a few other things to share!

these are quick little changes around the house + a few additions from our trip to nashville/franklin. funny how cleaning spurs on creativity. ever happen to you?

oh, and starting off with some new pics for the rope knots. a little thanksgiving/christmas preparation....
enjoy and see you back here tomorrow!
table knots mom knot coffee sack coffee bag letterpress t


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice little break (I'm taking one of those in January -- yesss). And Happy Anny to you two!

  2. I loved how you used those for the name cards! Really creative!

  3. You are right, everyone needs a break but I'm glad your back. :) Love your table setting btw!

  4. Good for you having a break! We all need them now and then.
    Love how you used the knots for place card holders - Might have to do that with mine when the fall decor comes down!

  5. Happy 3 years! Name plates is a good idea!

  6. Love your little set-up here. The rope knots make a fun addition as place-card holders. Definitely some inspiration.

  7. loving the use of the rope knots here! too cute! can't wait to see the new additions to the house :)

  8. i am still loving these rope knots, gotta have to talk to my hubby about getting them to decorate our holiday table this year. time off is always good, it helps to feel renewed, refreshed and re-inspired


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