diy on my mind.

part of the reason i like to blog is to document how things evolve in our home. its seems that these "events" have been on hiatus lately. this i hope to change in a few short days. i have a long list of things ( and i use things rather loosely.... ) that i would love to see happen. life is busy and we don't always get to our list of diy projects or whatever is next on the list. truthfully, blogging is sometimes a double edged sword for me. i love reading and seeing updates in friends home but it is so easy for my mind to turn that into envy/jealousy. this doesn't always happen but when it does it's not pretty. i'm humbled when confronted with my sins and selfishness.
{have you stumbled upon my  talented friend, Sarah's blog yet? she has a fauxtography project that articulates this much better...}
yesterday i was talking with the hubby about this....and by the way he is just so perfect for me for many reasons...but specifically during this conversation he brought me back real quickly. D (the hubby) is so good at keeping me level-headed and focused. i love that about him. and i love that he can wear a button down shirt with the top buttons open with lots of pride. as you can see i get off track in a heart beat and before you know it i'm starting another project that is not thought through and then have a mess on my hands...!

with all that rambling said....i had this lovely moment yesterday which came in due time. the process of journaling has really helped keep me focused too. now i can keep track of what my ideas are and not let them get tainted by envy or jealously. having D around makes that a little easier too...!

so this weekend. as i knock some projects off the list for home and perch, i'll remember to keep the envy at bay and enjoy the things we have been given. next week i'll share the weekend progress!

oh and on a much happier note--starting the countdown to nashville! 11 more days....


thanks for listening to me. sometimes it is hard to articulate exactly what i'm trying to say but it feels good to be challenged through the process.


  1. SO well said Kitty Kat! As you know, I too feel that blogging can be a double edged sword sometimes with the envy/jealousy issue. I have to keep myself in check and know not to do that or it can definitely eat away at you and that's not a healthy thing at all. Thanks for the reminder. Great post! Can't wait to see your upcoming projects :)


  2. I'm with you! I can get that envy thing going too. And I don't like that about myself very much! Got to keep giving it all back to God and being happy with how He made me!

  3. What a heartfelt post. I share your sentiments on so many levels. Thanks for being so open!

  4. great post, thanks for being so honest...i know i need you in my life to bring that to bear for me as well, thank you.

    also, excited to see what you do with those stools!

  5. I think I know how you feel. Earlier this week (and even now still, to be honest) I was thinking about how many things have gone unfinished in our house. Reading all the beautiful DIY/home blogs, though I love to do it, can often just compound the problem! It's tough but important to put things in perspective every once in a while. I may not be able to post perfect pictures of a magazine-ready house on my blog every day, but that's ok because it means I'm out behind the lense living my life.

  6. Ali, have I ever thanked you for the adorable key chain you put in with my rope knots I bought from you? I meant to and I think I may have forgotten :( Anyway I LOVED it and so did my Teenager! She has her house key on it and I feel good knowing I finally provided her with at key for the times she gets home from somewhere and I'm not here! Not that it happens often but it has happened a time or two and getting that key chain got me in gear to dig out a key for her :)
    And if I already thanked you for it - now you know I REALLY REALLY liked it and appreciated it :)

  7. Thank you for your heartfelt blog post. Your transparency is wonderful. Hope you had a great trip!


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