family + etsy

ah, the weekend. why must you go so quickly.
my parents made a quick trip up for a few days which made the time fly faster but we had a great time. can't complain at all, really. lots of shopping, good food and plenty of coffee.

my little etsy shop was busy too! i get so giddy when an etsy convo/purchase pops up on my phone. i might even squeal a little bit....! wrapping up the purchases & putting it all together is lots of fun. getting a package in the mail might be one of my most favorite i want opening the package to be equally as special. who doesn't like seeing a package on the front step??? i'll take that any day over a bill. hands down.

thanks, Canada, for loving perch. the love is mutual.





  1. Glad your business is growing! Visits from parents are always fun!

  2. :) So happy for you on the purchases from your etsy shop! I just had my first sale of something I had listed! The earlier orders were all custom orders. So fun to have someone buy something that was listed!

  3. That's wonderful, I hope your little shop keeps going well! I agree, getting a cute little package is better than a bill any day.


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