good morning!
i went into summer with high hopes of being really productive with projects around the house.....so far, not going so well. things came to a screeching halt once we had to replace to hvac unit. that took all my fun project money away. oh the joys of owning a home.........
so instead, I’ll sip my grande americano and flip through my design sponge book

i have a few things i'll piddle around with:
vintage post cards, new projects with perch and finding a home for the globe pictured above.i'm being reminded daily to be content and patient. please don't hear me wrong.....i'm so thankful for all the wonderful provisions we've received day in and day out.
see, i'm rambling.............

{make sure to check back on tuesday for the next post in the etsy series!}


  1. Love the globe! I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it :) And girl, the AC is def worth it to put the projects on hold! I don't know how you lasted this long!!


  2. Fun globe! And learning to be content and patient will probably be worth it (so I hear :).

  3. Hey There! Ahh, what a bummer about the money - but it looks like you have a lot of fun things to work with and make it to nice projects!

  4. That globe is AWESOME! Such a bummer about your project money, but I guess it couldn't be helped! Good luck with your mini projects in the meantime! :)

  5. Ugh! I hate when real world house stuff gets in the way of fun house projects, new furniture and the like! I'm in a constant state of worrying our HVAC or hot water heater is going to go...although as long as I'm still under the one-year home warranty, maybe I should be WANTING them to bite dust! haha

  6. Love the globe, hate being a grownup. I wish someone would fund all my decorating projects.


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