just a simple up-cycled notebook

i've been on the hunt for a notebook but didn't want to spend any bucks. tough situation, eh? at work, we use notebooks all day long and there's nothing better than having a good pen and a good notebook. seriously, it's the small things....
here is what i came up with....with no money being spent, mind you!
finished notebook
this is rather simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
i used a stack of paper that was going to the recycling bin and cut them in half. the paper size varied a little here and there but that's okay. for the cover i used a piece of cardboard as the base and adhered a pretty piece of cardstock with some simple glue. to pull it all together i punched two wholes along the side and secured it with some twine. this will make it easy to reuse the notebook and swap out the used paper. if i make this again i'll try and be a little more precise with the paper cutting. but hey, it's handmade and helping with environmental waste so i'll embrace it!
{the etsy series will be back next tuesday!}
enjoy your tuesday, friends!


  1. how perfect! need to get around to making one of these. i'm always jotting down notes! :)
    xo TJ

  2. I love this and I love that 1st picture of your notebook! What a great idea in saving money and making it all your own.

    Oh and there's nothing like having the perfect pen to write with. I have my favorite that I go and buy a ton of and make sure I'm stocked up on. I can never run out!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. I love this ... that cardboard could even be stenciled for those of us without any pretty paper ... Great upcycle! I, too, heart a good notebook!

  4. Such a cute idea. Bravo for not spending any $.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments on the remodel.

  5. Very cute and fun! And I just peeked in at your etsy shop and I love your stuff! I'm going to be purchasing some of your knots at some point - I added you to my favs so i can find you again:)

  6. What a little ingenuity won't do! It looks cute and I love the twine idea.

  7. i love pretty & simple DIY...this is so cute

  8. lovely idea!

    xo Jessica

  9. Super cute! I am constantly taking notes and leaving piles of them on my desk. What a great idea to keep them all in one place.

    PS: Found you on Virginia is for Bloggers!



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