etsy series no. 4

We have another awesome Q & A with Cyn from The Joyful Cup. I stumbled upon her store a few months back and am smitten with her straight forward store that sells all the necessities for the everyday crafter. She has great products and supplies to help you complete all those projects on your list! 
Read on to see for some great tips:


What made you decide to open a store through Etsy?
I originally opened my Etsy shop as a destash venture--a way to get rid of some of the craft/scrapbooking supplies I had optimistically--and might I add unrealistically!--bought after having baby #2. I had no plans to sell anything other than my overflowing supplies. I never did actually start scrapbooking, but I bought a basic Cricut on sale for $79. There were so many great tag shapes available on my few cartridges, that I cut out a few different sizes and shapes of blank tags, and listed them in my Etsy shop. Surprisingly, that quickly blossomed into large orders making custom tags. My shop just kind of steamrolled from there! I began adding more items to my shop, and couldn't keep up with the tags, so I eventually decided to discontinue selling diecuts, and focus on supplies like paper bags and twine. Although I rarely find the time to actually create anything from my own supplies, I just love the idea of other people seeing the possibilities!



What are some helpful tips to remember in regards to shipping?
It's definitely worth it to buy a digital postal scale. It would have saved me a lot of frustration in the beginning! Spend a little time on the USPS website, and familiarize yourself with package weight and size guidelines. Do some research before you decide if you want to offer international shipping. When I determine my shipping price for an item, I factor in my costs for mailers and tape, as well as ink and paper for printing my shipping labels.

What are some ways to make your shop stand out and draw customers in?
Diversity makes a big difference. I try to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Photos sell the product on Etsy most of the time. I always take more photos than I think I'll need, and I use, (it's free!), to make my photos look their best. I try to make my shop the place where I would go for supplies. It'sIt's important to me to have a low price, and a wide selection.

Do you have any tips or last words of advice?
I try to remember to have fun with my shop. It's relaxing to browse other shops, join a team, or participate in a BNS or BNR. Etsy is a marketplace like no other!


thanks, Cyn, for all the great tips!
happy tuesday, my friends.



  1. What a fun store! I'm sure you'd have a field day there :) Liked her answers too.


  2. i'm all about pretty packaging. love her stuff.

  3. Such a beautiful shop, I love her baker's twine, so so pretty!

  4. Thank you for this. I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop down the line so this info definitely helps. Especially the part about the shipping and getting a digital posting scale! I always forget about the little things like that :)

  5. We love this! You inspire us to want an Etsy shop :)

  6. Thank you, Ali, for the opportunity to be part of your awesome Etsy series! Thanks to all for the sweet comments, as well!

    Happy wishes!


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