weekend + diy gone wrong

the weekend was perfect. lots of fun with friends sitting in the sun, listening to music and 
eating good food. i'd say that's a good weekend! somehow i didn't take any pics with our friends?? lame, i know. i'll have to get those from her & share another time.

in other news, i've been meaning to share this artwork diy.
do you ever have these ideas in your head that seem awesome and fabulous but when you try to pull it all together it's the opposite of awesome and fabulous?
seriously, that's what happened.
i have tons of basic frames laying around so i thought i'd put it to use with some fabric i had leftover. it was ug as a bug and i couldn't even bare to post a pic of the finished product. just was a little too forced & 1990's crafty looking for my taste. it was bad. ruined the ironing board cover in the process.  awesome. 

hey, trial and error right? on the upside, the hubby will always remember the year we got married. yes, he does his own ironing...!
i'm not giving up on the frames though. something will come to me soon...i hope.
that's the best part of a diy. it doesn't always turn out perfect. even when i see other friends/bloggers diy's and try them for myself...doesn't always work. but that's the best part; learning what works and what doesn't. and i didn't lose any money in the process.
so to all those diy-ers out there. sometimes it's a hit other times it's a miss, right?
 i'll keep you posted on the frame-spiration.


  1. Yeah, my "crafty" things often end up as misses. I don't know what it is -- but with other things, if I don't like it, or it's not quite right, I can usually figure out a way to save it. But not crafty stuff :).

  2. I wish you would have at least posted the pic! Curious to see how it turned out. I might make you show me tomorrow!


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