the to do list

the beginning of may we finally laid to rest our ac unit. it lived a full 23 years. a good life. since that pivotal moment we are playing the how long can you survive without ac game. 
so far we haven't killed each other. yet....... 
so mark that as major item number one

next up we have the cupboard door that randomly just fell off the hinges. i noticed it getting lose...tightened it up...and then item number two arrived. 
item number 2 which is project kitchen cabinets has spurred this open shelving discussion. we are thinking about giving that a whirl. anyone have open shelving in the kitchen? any tips, do share!

the last thing we have to tackle is the back door situation. our roman shades fell off and are not cooperating with going back up! they just won't stay. i just randomly threw up a piece of linen fabric for some privacy. which brings up to project item three.

 i still have the other running list of projects and whatnot but these three are top priority for june.
i'll keep you posted on the progress!

happy thursday, my friends

and just because i feel sammy's been neglected on the bloggy blog.....
here's to a morning a squirrel watching.



  1. We really tried to avoid using the AC when we lived in the Midwest. We got surprisingly good at airing the house out at night, and we gradually became accustomed to warmer temps than most people, but yes, we did reach a point where we'd eventually have to use it. Like you will where you are :(.

  2. I'm liking the open shelf look! It was only a matter of time with that cabinet, huh?? And so proud of you for sticking it out with no A/C.. definitely a tough feat!!



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