kitchen, perch & etsy.

morning, lots of exciting things to share today!

first, the kitchen cabinets are on hold for a few weeks
{not exactly an exciting update, but keep gets better!}
since we want to make the updates all at once, we need to wait till we can have a few solid consecutive days where we can dedicate some time to the kitchen. 
patience....learning more and more about patience will be worth it though, right?
 i'd much rather wait and get it all done right the first time. so in the meantime i'll be hunting for the perfect shelves, supports and other kitchen goodies.

last week was my first full month with perch on etsy. it went so much better than expected. i'm so thankful for all the sweet comments and feedback. the support from family and friends is amazing.
thank you thank you thank you!
there is so much to learn; figuring out the best advertising, packaging, graphics, photos....and more. 
so, to help fellow etsy-ians or those looking to open an etsy store i want to share what i learn along the way. it may not amount to much but it's great to share ideas and learn from each other.
to embark on this etsy experience every tuesday starting in july i'll have some great info to share.
you'll hear from successful etsy store owners, tips, feedback, ideas and lots more. so make sure to check back and see what you can take away from these amazing store owners.
  to make this etsy series worth your time, let me know what questions you have & i'll make sure they get answered. send me a message or leave your question in the comment section.

so pumped to get started....
happy monday my friends!

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  1. Love your idea for your Etsy series! Can't wait to read what they have to day. And Happy One Monthiversary to Perch!


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