kitchen d-day

ten days. i lasted longer than i thought! the kitchen cabinet demo has begun. here's my plan of attack:
empty cabinets
remove cabinets
remove soffit
scrap & paint/repaint walls possibly??
measure, cut & paint or stain new shelves and brackets
pretty them up and waa-lah
if only it was that simple....

still not sure about the wall color--do i want to paint???
here are a few things i'm pondering for the kitchen redo:

i love the wood shelves + iron brackets in the photo below

the microwave off the counter....

really love the mini shelf holding the salt & pepper under the cabinets.

i'm seeing a lot of this bead board in photos.....


  1. I love the shelves in the first pic! That would look great in your kitchen. Excited to see the final project!

  2. love the last one with the canal street sign!

  3. how fun!! i think open cabinets will look AWESOME...and i like that spice shelf idea as well! let me know if/when you go thrifting to look for supplies/ ideas...clearly i'm inviting myself along :)

  4. Best of luck, I cannot wait to see what you end up choosing.

  5. Love these design options - and the simplicity of the white!

  6. You go girl! I love bead board. Can't wait to see your finished job!

  7. Good luck with the kitchen reno. We've got bead board in our kitchen and love it. Really easy to wipe down. Love all of your inspiration pics!


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