thrifting demystified

there is no secret to thrifiting. although some people might say otherwise. maybe it's not a secret but more knowing your style. when you walk into the thrift or consignment store it can be a little daunting since it's not like j.crew and you immediately love everything you see all at once. it does help to know what your home needs (or wants) to make the trip less overwhelming. i can easily get distracted from my original goal and talk myself into needing more always need frames, right?? ah, frames. my achiles heel....
even if you don't know what you exactly want, it's good to go with a
loose, bedroom pictures or fun decor for the living room. anything to help narrow down the hunt, you'll be thanking yourself later otherwise you get lost and ovewhelmed in this creative frenzy.
having a goal = smart thrifter

so when you head out to thrift, it's good to know where to go and learn which ones are places to regularly shop. as you're shopping....don't be intimated by what others are doing or not doing. sometimes blogs and pinterest can hinder allowing yourself to think of things on your own. don't get me wrong...i love a blog more than anything and love seeing what other people are doing...but don't let yourself get lost in that and shut off your own creative juices!

all that to say...
here are some of my fav's in the good ol' hampton roads area:
thrift usa
country boy
brenda's good buys
hope house
consignment store
salvation army

most of my favorite things in our home have come from these lovely places.
i must say i'm pretty lucky that derrick loves to hunt for treasures too. he has a really good eye for finding the diamond in the rough....
breakfast and thrifting....the perfect saturday together....

hope this helps bring a little ease to the thought of thrift shopping. if you haven't tried it yet, go! you will be amazed at how your mind suddenly cranks out some creative ideas...
happy shopping my friends!


  1. Love these tips! I definitely feel very overwhelmed and intimidated when people talk about thrifting and all the good deals they find. And you're so right.. I totally think I'd be the one looking at what everyone else is buying and lose focus on what I'm doing. Definitely motivated to try some thrifting of my own! :)


  2. oh wow. i love all of this! the singer is so very cool. and i love your blog description. when i was a little girl, my mom used to say "i love dave (my dad), i love God, and i love my dog". hit home for me. literally. :)

  3. Love your blog, you and I share the same passion for thrifting
    You have some great finds! That dresser is oh so beautiful!

    xo Jessica


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